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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Halsey, Herbert Drake, 1872-  Halsey, Herbert Drake, 1872- Verse: warning to borrowers.

2. Smith, Adelaide M. Smith, Adelaide M. Owner's initials written as a cipher; mask, books

3. Verdaguer, Miguel Verdaguer, Miguel Renaissance scholar studying; busts of Dante and Socrates on bookshelves. A central inset with text on banners and shield with owner's initials: MV

4. Russell, J. Scott (John Scott), 1808-1882. Russell, J. Scott (John Scott), 1808-1882. Ship at sea with sails furled, bearing large escutcheon and banner with motto: depressus extollor. Owner's monogram on ship.

5. Unidentified Unidentified Flying fish. Motto: De profundis (out of the depths)

6. Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Elaborate doorway, ornamented above by double eagle, heraldic crest, and stag's head

7. Stern, Max Stern, Max Man sits reading by light of candle and bright star at an open window; in the room a large hand loom upon which a cloth decorated with stars is being woven; a shuttle and an open book with title shown:...

8. Bateman, J. M. Bateman, J. M. Coat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold), an ostrich feather argent (silver) on a chevron gules (red) between three escallops (shells). Crest: a pheasant proper. Motto: Nec pretio nec prece (Neither by entreaty...

9. Elliott, William Rupert Elliott, William Rupert Border of maple leaves each bearing letters to form owner's name. Apple tree bearing shields and ribbons with text. Two insets: (1) Beaver and mountain lake, (2) two hikers on path, sun on horizon (with...

10. Mare, H. Mare, H. Inside a shell frame, surrounded by wheat and grape plants, a winged lion with his front paws on an open book showing owner's initials: 'HM'

11. St. Ange-Mauffray St. Ange-Mauffray Cipher within carved frame.

12. Hammerschlag, Gusztav Hammerschlag, Gusztav Woman with hammer (pun on owner's name); background pattern with hammers. Books (on spines: 'Maupassant', 'Jokai')

13. D., L. E. D., L. E. Owner's initials within foliated frame featuring musical instruments (horns, woodwinds, violin, viola) and open book of music

14. Carlander, Carl Magnus, 1837-1911 Carlander, Carl Magnus, 1837-1911 Putto with book showing owner's name on front pastedown.

15. [Stock bookplate] [Stock bookplate] Two images: at top, a man in white tie sits at a table writing (presumably) a story about the lower image, which shows an old man with immense white beard and wearing tattered clothes walking through snowy...

16. Rogers, Jane Grey Rogers, Jane Grey Dog sits on closed book; maple leaves; owner's cipher

17. Cavalieri, Ios Cavalieri, Ios Woman seated to the right of a coat of arms, two putti in motion around her feet; she reads a book labeled 'history', the putti carry books labeled 'poetry' and 'art'. Coat of arms. Escutcheon: a palm...

18. Libbie, Frederic J. Libbie, Frederic J. Diamond constructed out of the letters of the owner's name.

19. Durkee, Cornelius E. Durkee, Cornelius E. First letter of owner's name formed by handle of a sword, within which is a man writing at a desk. Main image shows bookshelves and a desk cluttered with papers

20. Premack, Ben Premack, Ben Naked man sits reading outdoors, sun shining and birds flying in background. Poem beneath requests the return of owner's books.
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