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1. Parmele, Lizzie E. S.; Palmer, George L. Parmele, Lizzie E. S.; Palmer, George L. Blue ink on beige paper. A native man climbs a palm tree to get a coconut. He has with him a banner with motto.

2. Monsalvatje i Fossas, Jordi, 1872-1922 Monsalvatje i Fossas, Jordi, 1872-1922 Caricature of savage with earring of shrunken heads, standing against the moon, kicking a globe.

3. Loth, Julien, 1837-1913 Loth, Julien, 1837-1913 Front of Gothic cathedral (Rouen).

4. James, Davis Lawler, d. 1933 James, Davis Lawler, d. 1933 Cipher on Chippendale shield.

5. Harris, Kennett, 1864- Harris, Kennett, 1864- Ink pot, quill; books; scattered manuscript and blank sheets of paper

6. Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899 Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899 Printed in rose. Cipher: DALY and laughing face.

7. Smith, Adelaide M. Smith, Adelaide M. Owner's initials written as a cipher; mask, books

8. Bramberger, Hans Bramberger, Hans Athena and owl

9. D'Aubigny, Richard D'Aubigny, Richard Roundel containing cipher: RD

10. Rogers, Jane Grey Rogers, Jane Grey Dog sits on closed book; maple leaves; owner's cipher

11. M. G. M. G. Domestic interior; large empty hearth with "1709" on mantel, chair in arched doorway; small side table with books; signed "H"

12. Unidentified Unidentified Papal cross [?] with three arms, surmounted on sphere, cipher in center: G P H [?]

13. Montada, R. Montada, R. Circular world map between flower stems

14. Unidentified Unidentified Spruce branch, upon which is a crowned square with cipher. Blue background.

15. Stone, Lillian Newton Stone, Lillian Newton Plants stylized as ironwork with text in among them.

16. Ansart, Pierre Ansart, Pierre Coat of arms: Escutcheon parted in chief, upper part azure (blue) semee de lis argent (silver); lower part gules (red) charged with a ship in full sail in the waves of the sea; the crest, a crown mural...

17. Libbie, Frederic J. Libbie, Frederic J. Portrait and cipher of Albrecht Durer. Roundel with library book shelves. Border of books and carved-wood vines.

18. Schulz, A. Schulz, A. Man operating screw printing press, loose printed papers scattered around. Printed in red and brown.

19. Sabin, Ruth Mary Sabin, Ruth Mary Owner's initials written in a cipher

20. Williams, Julia Millet Williams, Julia Millet Bookpile, leaves Owner's intials written in a cipher
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