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1. Lowell, John, Jr., 1799-1836 Lowell, John, Jr., 1799-1836 Chippendale coat of arms. Eschutcheon: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, parted per chief engrailed, upper part sable charged with a crescent; lower part or, a sinister hand couped holding three arrows point down;...

2. Princeton University. Library. Eighty Eight Library of Economics. Princeton University. Library. Eighty Eight Library of Economics. University coat of arms. Escutcheon sanguine a chevron and chief sable; chief charged with open book and text. Crest: horse's head. Banner with motto: Dei sub numine viget.

3. University of Pennsylvania. Library. University of Pennsylvania. Library. Wagner, Tobias Coat of arms. Escutcheon with lion rampant, a wheel between his paws, crested with a demi-lion of the same. Motto: Innocenter constanter patienter. Pointed oval frame with text.

4. Barclay, Robert Barclay, Robert Crest: a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, perched o a straight wreath. Motto: Cedant arma.

5. Wilkinson, James Jonas Wilkinson, James Jonas Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Counter-charged or and azure, the mullets (stars) of six points in fess between three unicorns passant. Crest: Unicorn passant or, under its dexter hoof an escutcheon sable with...

6. Joliffe Joliffe Coat of arms: Escutcheon argent, a pile vert (green) with three dexter hands couped and a crescent. Crest: arm cubit in the hand a scimitar. Maltese cross pendant with ribbon bearing motto: Tant que je...

7. Beaufoy, J. H. Beaufoy, J. H. Coat of arms. Escutcheon (spade): Ermine on a bend azure (blue) three cinqfoils argent (silver). Crest: A tree vert. Motto: Sub tegmine fagi (Under the shade of the beech tree)

8. Amherst College. Library. Amherst College. Library. Within carved bas-relief frame with Amherst College seal: depiction of Converse Memorial Library building and grounds. Seal: sunburst and open book with motto: Terras irradient; surrounding text in.

9. Jennings, John, 1729-1773 Jennings, John, 1729-1773 Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted quarterly: quarters 1 and 4, argent a fess gules between 3 plummets quarters 2 and 3, azure a bend or between 6 stars of five points. Crest: a wolf's head. Banner with motto:...

10. Law, Edmund C. Law, Edmund C. Within a buckled garter, a cock gules, charged on the breast with a mitre or. Motto: Compositum jus fasque animi.

11. Forbes, William Forbes, William Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted per pale: Dexter, quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure (blue), on a chevron argent (silver) between three bears' heads couped argent, muzzled gules (red), a man's heart proper,...

12. Philbrick, Frederick Adolphus, 1835-1910 Philbrick, Frederick Adolphus, 1835-1910 Coat of arms. Escutcheon: a bendy of six, azure and argent. Crest: arising from a tower, a leopard gorged with a coronet. Motto: Vestigia nulla retrorsum.

13. Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926 Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926 Coat of arms: Eschutcheon or (gold) a bend azure (blue) charged with three garbs (sheaves of wheat), in the upper field, 3 griffin's heads erased; in the lower field, 3 crosses crosslet azure. Helm and...

14. Tooke, William, 1777-1863 Tooke, William, 1777-1863 Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted per pale: Dexter, per chevron sable (black) and argent (silver) three griffins' heads erased counterchanged (colors reversed), for Tooke; Sinister, or, three piles in point...

15. Palmer, Francis Palmer, Francis Crest: A wyvern on a straight wreath. Motto: Par sit fortuna labori

16. Farquhar, Walter Farquhar, Walter Crest: Eagle rising, wings elevated & displayed. Ribbon with motto (mente manuque) and tab with sinister hand beneath

17. Phelp, James Phelp, James Coat of arms: Escutcheon or (gold) charged with wolf rampant and 8 crosses crosslet argent (silver). Crest: straight wreath and sea lion statant. Motto on banner below escutcheon: Vive ut vivas

18. Pennypacker, Samuel W. (Samuel Whitaker), 1843-1916 Pennypacker, Samuel W. (Samuel Whitaker), 1843-1916 Mysterious coat of arms, which has non-heraldic lines but appears to be blank. The shield is not of recognized shape: is it the brick referred to in the motto?

19. Waller, Edmund Waller, Edmund Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Sable, three walnut leave in bend or, between two bendlets argent. Crest: A walnut tree proper on the sinister side an escutcheon pendent azure charged three fleurs de lis. Motto:...

20. Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Coat of arms. Escutcheon quarterly; quarters 1 and 4, or, parted in chief; upper part charged with 3 cushions; lower part with crown on cross argent (silver); quarters 2 and 3, gules (red) parted in chief,...
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