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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. University of Minnesota. Libraries. University of Minnesota. Libraries. Shepardson, George Defrees, 1864-1926 Portrait of George Defrees Shepardson

2. Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Elaborate doorway, ornamented above by double eagle, heraldic crest, and stag's head

3. University of Texas. Library. University of Texas. Library. Tyler, George W., 1851-1927 Seal of the University of Texas: within a circle gules (red), a disk azure (blue) with the motto 'Disciplina praesidium civitatis' surrounding a shield tenné (orange) bearing a mullet (star) within a...

4. Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Library. Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Library. Noyes, George Clement, 1833-1889 Within ornamented border of double lines, Northwestern University seal: Open book with Greek phrase lying on book pile.

5. Hamline University. Library. Hamline University. Library. Innis, George S. Trustees' seal.

6. Emerson, George Waldo Emerson, George Waldo Big Dipper and North Star, to which a wagon is attached by a line. Bordered on three sides by stars.

7. Duke University. Library. Duke University. Library. Flowers, George Washington, 1842-1918 Text and Duke University seal: Cross and burst of light within a wreath of two species, text around border: Sigillum Universitatis Dukensis | Eruditio et Religio (Learning and religion)

8. Robertson, George Robertson, George Coat of arms. Escutcheon: gules (red) on a fess between three wolves' heads erased argent (silver) a galley, oars in saltire (crossed), flags displayed. Crest: an arm cubit in the hand a royal crown. Motto:...

9. Harris, George, d. 1829 Harris, George, d. 1829 Crest within a garter buckled and crowned: On a mural crown, a royal tiger passant guardant, pierced in the breast with an arrow, vulned (shedding blood).

10. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 On either side of a fruiting tree bearing armorial shield and motto (Fide et sedulitate = With faith and diligence) and two medals: two men in togas, one holding a magnifying glass, the other with scroll...

11. Pflumer, George Pflumer, George Scholar in robe sits at library desk, examining coins and medals; suspended oil lamp; sundial and globe; landscape featuring city of Hameln; coat of arms.

12. Chicago Law Institute Chicago Law Institute Text within thick-thin line border.

13. Curry, George Archibald Curry, George Archibald Bear cub seated in woods

14. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 Monk seated at desk in library, looking through microscope; armorial shield

15. Croxton, George Croxton, George Coat of arms. Escutcheon: sable, a lion rampant argent debruised by a bend componée argent and gules. Crest: a lion rampant. Motto: Devant si je puis (Forward if I can)

16. University of Illinois at Chicago. Library. University of Illinois at Chicago. Library. Cook, George W. Italic text

17. Lennox, George Henry, 1737-1805 Lennox, George Henry, 1737-1805 Escutcheon, parted per pale, for Lennox and Kerr, supported dexter by unicorn rampant, sinister by antelope rampant, crested with a chapeau and lion statant guardant, crowned. Motto on banner below escutcheon....

18. University of Southern California. Library. University of Southern California. Library. Cochran, George, d. 1901 Portrait of Cochran among books and oil lamp

19. Grazebrook, George, 1831-1917 Grazebrook, George, 1831-1917 Coat of arms (marshaling of 9).

20. Cole, George Watson, 1850-1939 Cole, George Watson, 1850-1939 Two 17th century men sit at table in arched space, one reading, the other writing, illustrating epigram.
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