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Jordan, Allan, 1898-19... (7)
Danielsen, Anne M. (5)
K. K. (2)
Bird, Elisha Brown, 18... (1)
Botel, F. (1)
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1949 (2)
1899 (1)
1902 (1)
1921 (1)
1927 (1)
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Flowers, George Washin... (1)
Gavit, John Palmer, 18... (1)
Innis, George S. (1)
Lisbon (Portugal) (1)
Monod, Gabriel, 1844-1... (1)
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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Antioch College. Library. Antioch College. Library. Gavit, John Palmer, 1868-1954. Text within single-line border.

2. Hamline University. Library. Hamline University. Library. Innis, George S. Trustees' seal.

3. DuBois Public Library DuBois Public Library Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Eagle displayed. Helm

4. Lowry, Louise Lowry, Louise Printed in burgundy. Flaming torch.

5. Emerson, George Waldo Emerson, George Waldo Big Dipper and North Star, to which a wagon is attached by a line. Bordered on three sides by stars.

6. Gray, Arthur Fairfield Gray, Arthur Fairfield Torch between to plants

7. Unidentified Unidentified Cipher shield; helm with closed visor; crest: fish, tail above head

8. Unidentified Unidentified Shield with rebus displayed in arched window.

9. Adelphi College. Library. Adelphi College. Library. Landscape with road and cliff.

10. Affonso, Lino Antonio Affonso, Lino Antonio Printed in blue. Galleon sailing near fort.

11. Affonso, Lino Antonio Affonso, Lino Antonio Printed in black. Galleon sailing near fort.

12. Calcutt, Brian Calcutt, Brian Open book and feather

13. De Bathe, William De Bathe, William Crest: Above a straight wreath, a lion rampant holding in his dexter paw a dagger; below the wreath a small escutcheon with sinister hand couped at the wrist. Motto: Nec parvis sisto (I do not continue...

14. Kaylor, Helen M. Kaylor, Helen M. Knight in armor on horse, a victory laurel on the end of his jousting pole; in the foreground and sword lies flat on an open book

15. Broadley, A. M. Broadley, A. M. Domestic interior with walls lined with bookshelves, books on table; desk

16. Porto, P. Campos Porto, P. Campos A woman, a flower in one hand, sits by a broken classical column and writes with a quill pen in an open book

17. Carbines, Jessie Carbines, Jessie Open book and torch.

18. Carnegie Library of Atlanta Carnegie Library of Atlanta Phoenix (eagle?) rising from flames. Motto: Resurgens (arising again)

19. Carothers, Allen Blewett, 1891-1931 Carothers, Allen Blewett, 1891-1931 Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Parted per chief, upper part or (gold), lower part azure (blue) charged with three swans argent (silver), wings addorsed and inverted. Crest: demi cockatrice displayed. Motto:...

20. Shoppee, Chas Ino Shoppee, Chas Ino Coat of arms. Escutcheon: azure, a chevron or between two cinquefoils in chief and a lion rampant in base. Crest: arm cubit erect, in the hand an anchor. Motto: Spe (With hope)
select all : clear all : add to favorites results 1-20 of 84 item(s)  page 1 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next
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