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1. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926. Black ink on cream paper. Contains entwined leaves of two flowers on either side of and supporting an open book, all within a thick, black border.

2. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902 Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Azure (blue), five mullets (stars) or on a cross gules (red). Crest: a lion rampant gules arising from a coronet or. Motto: Sub cruce salus (Salvation under the cross).

3. Swainson, C. A. (Charles Anthony), 1820-1887 Swainson, C. A. (Charles Anthony), 1820-1887 Coat of arms on seal: Escutcheon parted per pale. Dexter parted quarterly: Quarters 1 and 4 gules (red) charged with a boar's head couped, thrust through by a sword in bend, between two stars of six points...

4. Remey, Charles Mason, 1874-1974. Remey, Charles Mason, 1874-1974. Image of the Baha'i temple, within a circular frame containing 9 roundels with other famous buildings.

5. Blank, F. C. (F. Charles) Blank, F. C. (F. Charles) Oval frame bearing crossed engravers tools; tall column with burning oil lamp; book pile; scroll with names of engravers; banner with Greek phrase 'Ζηλουτε τα χράτιστα'

6. Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Class of 1930 Text within thick-thin line border, small corner fleurons

7. Purdue University. Libraries. Purdue University. Libraries. Viol, Charles H. (Charles Herman), 1886- Archway with text; image of library beneath keystone

8. Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 Crest: a lion couchant, in his sinister paw a Maltese cross.

9. Manigault, Charles J. Manigault, Charles J. Coat of arms: Azure three falcons two and one or, jessed and belled and hooded, in cheif a crescent argent for difference. Crest: a demi savage sable with five ostrich feathers on his head a skin about...

10. Boston Public Library. Boston Public Library. Billings, Robert Charles, 1819-1899. Portrait of Robert Charles Billings on mantel with oil-burning lamp, paper, pot of ink and feather pen.

11. Brooks, Charles B. Brooks, Charles B. Printed in red and blue/green. Woman in American flag dress near seashore, rowboat on sand, sailing ship at sea.

12. Sturgis, Robert Shaw; Sturgis, Susan Brimmer; Sturgis, Charles Inches; Sturgis, Margaret Noble. Sturgis, Robert Shaw; Sturgis, Susan Brimmer; Sturgis, Charles Inches; Sturgis, Margaret Noble. Oval escutcheon in carved frame; crest; ribbon with motto. Escutcheon: azure (blue) parted a chevron or (gold) charged with 3 crosses crosslet fitched, 2 over 1. Crest: talbot (dog) head or (gold) and...

13. Colmore, Charles Blayney. Colmore, Charles Blayney. Priest reading book; coat of arms. Motto: Semper eadem (Always the same)

14. Hackley Public Library Hackley Public Library Hackley, Charles Henry Portrait of Charles Henry Hackley

15. Blair, Clinton Ledyard, 1867-1949. Blair, Clinton Ledyard, 1867-1949. Black ink on cream paper. Crest: torse and stag's head caboshed (antlered) within semi-circular banner displaying the motto.

16. LeFevre, Owen E. LeFevre, Owen E. Dark grey ink on ivory paper. Escutcheon, sable a chevron argent; two trefoils or in chief; cross and roundel or center base; crested with a log with leafing branch and a fleur de lis. Surrounding the...

17. Sylva, Carmen, 1843-1916 Sylva, Carmen, 1843-1916 Woman behind lyre and roses

18. Outhwaite, Charles Peabody Outhwaite, Charles Peabody Reader of an oversize book sits on interior bench seat by fire, which casts large shadow; bookshelf above; cat and book splayed on fore edge below

19. Dance, Charles Dance, Charles Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Dexter, ermine, a fess embattled,counter-embattled azure between three lion's heads erased gules, on a chief or, two swords in saltire (crossed) proper, hilts and pomels gold,...

20. Blomfield, Charles James, 1786-1857 Blomfield, Charles James, 1786-1857 Coat of arms: Escutcheon parted per pale. Dexter, gules (red) two swords in saltire (crossed), handles or (gold); Sinister, quarterly, a fess indented, countercharged azure (blue) and argent (silver),...
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