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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Princeton University. Library. Alexander Library Fund. Princeton University. Library. Alexander Library Fund. Escutcheon sanguine a chevron and chief sable; chief charged with open book and text. Banner below with motto: Dei sub numine viget.

2. Plunket, Joseph Plunket, Joseph Coat of arms. Escutcheon sable a bend argent, charged sinister chief with a tower. Mantling: Chain of flowers. Crest: horse passant. Banner below with motto: Festina lente.

3. Deane, Ruthven, 1851-1934 Deane, Ruthven, 1851-1934 Bird on stump in landscape with lake; panels below with pods and flowers, and oval frame with armorial shield on books

4. Nickerson, William E. (William Emery), 1853-1930 Nickerson, William E. (William Emery), 1853-1930 Cog-border roundel with sailing ship and date; symbols of music and art in upper corners; books, oil lamp, ink pot and quill below

5. Kaiser, John Boynton, 1887-1973 Kaiser, John Boynton, 1887-1973 Caot of arms: Escutcheon argent (silver) bordure gules (red) a fess azure (blue) between two crescents and two stars of 5 points above and a crescent below sable [?] (black); helm and mantling. Crest:...

6. Muller, Curt. Muller, Curt. Wroclaw (Breslau) Town Hall sits on closed cover of book; two book marks with seals (one of triangle and compass).

7. Medill School of Journalism Medill School of Journalism Medill, Joseph, 1823-1899 Within laurel border, portrait of Joseph Medill; Part of Northwestern University seal below: sunburst and open book with Greek phrase

8. Phelp, James Phelp, James Coat of arms: Escutcheon or (gold) charged with wolf rampant and 8 crosses crosslet argent (silver). Crest: straight wreath and sea lion statant. Motto on banner below escutcheon: Vive ut vivas

9. Lincoln City Libraries (Lincoln, Neb.) Lincoln City Libraries (Lincoln, Neb.) Lincoln City Library building; top corner images: State Capital Tower, tepees on plain with sun on horizon; below: City of Lincoln seal (with portrait of Abraham Lincoln), pioneer wagon and house.

10. De Bathe, William De Bathe, William Crest: Above a straight wreath, a lion rampant holding in his dexter paw a dagger; below the wreath a small escutcheon with sinister hand couped at the wrist. Motto: Nec parvis sisto (I do not continue...

11. Hagley, S. V. Hagley, S. V. Native mask framed by the wings of two birds (heads below).

12. Dixson, Zella Allen, 1858-1924 Dixson, Zella Allen, 1858-1924 A large house behind a picket fence (Wisteria Cottage, Granville, Ohio). Inset at top shows another of Dixson's homes (Merino Farm, between Marietta and Zanesville Ohio); wisteria mantling above; books...

13. State of Connecticut State of Connecticut Connecticut State Seal: Shield charged with three grapevines and motto on banner below

14. Béringuier, Richard, b. 1854 Béringuier, Richard, b. 1854 Coat of arms. Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure (blue), a large fleur-de-lis or (gold); 2nd and 3rd, barry of five, argent (silver) and sable (black). Crest, above a grilled helm: fleur-de-lis...

15. Stanhope Stanhope Coat of arms: Escutcheon parted quarterly ermine and azure, charged at the fess point with a crescent. Supporters: dexter, a dog rampant ermine; sinister, a horse rampant. Above the escutcheon, a crown,...

16. Wheeler, Mary Spalding Wheeler, Mary Spalding Young woman with long braids reaches to touch or pick leaves from a tree; in her other hand, an open book. Within box below, open letter text and a coat of arms: Escutcheon: argent a saltire sable charged...

17. Neumann, Rudolf Neumann, Rudolf Athena and owl before Greek temple depicted on stylized urn; below: busts of Themis blindfolded and Hermes with winged cap

18. Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Coastal landscape with escutcheon below, showing world (orb marked by lines of latitude and longitude) behind stylized waves and with a halo of flames.

19. Pelay, Edouard Pelay, Edouard Roundel in frame bearing monogram and motto; below, an escutcheon parted per chief; upper field azure charged with 3 fleurs de lis; the lower field gules charged with the lamb of God

20. Bliss, Theodore Harrison Bliss, Theodore Harrison Two coats of arms upon shield, (1) Gules (red) a bend vairé between two fleurs-de lis or (gold). Crest: An arm erased below the elbow, holding a bundle of four arrows, point downwards. (2) or, a fess...
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