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1. Advertisement of Detasselers Advertisement of Detasselers McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Advertisements; World War II; Women Advertisement and photograph of detasselers during World War II.

2. Barn Raising Barn Raising Barns; McLean County, Illinois; Farming; Farmers; Celebrations; Construction McLean County, Illinois, men pose for a picture during a barn raising.

3. Stubblefield Horse Stubblefield Horse McLean County, Illinois; Horses; Livestock; Agriculture; Transportation; Percheron horses A Percheron horse stands in the foreground of the Stubblefield Stables. A lot of farm work was carried out with the help of Percheron or Norman horses, which were bred and sold in Normal, Illinois.

4. Major Nolton Engine Major Nolton Engine McLean County, Illinois; Transportation; Railroad locomotives; A number of men surround the C&A "Major Nolton" Engine. The engine went to Chicago to fight the Great Fire in 1871, and it became nationally known because it reached Chicago in such short time to help...

5. Drag Roller Drag Roller McLean County, Illinois; Sketches; Corn This drawing shows a drag roller, a rotating cylinder on one end and a hitch on the other.

6. Mole Ditcher Mole Ditcher McLean County, Illinois; Drainage; Croplands; Corn The mole ditcher was an iron-tipped log, series of logs, or round iron blade (such as seen here) about four inches in diameter, which was pulled through the soil a few inches under the surface.

7. Flat Bottom Drain Tile Flat Bottom Drain Tile McLean County, Illinois; Tiles; Drainage; This drain tile was made of clay and used for drainage of fields. It has a flat bottom and is 2-4 inches in diameter.

8. James R. Holbert James R. Holbert McLean County, Illinois; Seed trade; James R. Holbert worked with the Funk Brothers in McLean County in developing many new plant products.

9. Soybean Chemical Sprayer Soybean Chemical Sprayer McLean County, Illinois; Soybeans; Fertilizers; Chemicals; Croplands; This chemical sprayer douses soybean plants with insecticides to help crop growth.

10. Funk Brothers State Fair Exhibit Funk Brothers State Fair Exhibit McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Seed trade; Advertisements; Corn; Hybrids This exhibit for Funk Brothers Seed Company at the Illinois State Fair in 1904 shows a giant ear of corn sticking up and a sign for free samples of seed.

11. County School Display at State Fair County School Display at State Fair McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Schools; Education; Exhibitions; Corn; Fairs This school corn exhibit from McLean County is on display at the 1909 Illinois State Fair.

12. Marion's Hired Hand Marion's Hired Hand McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Farmhands; Migrant agricultural laborers; This farmhand in Blue Mound Township, McLean County, Illinois, wears a large straw hat and overalls. He sits cross-legged with his hand to his mouth. He has a mustache.
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