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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Vervliet, J. B. (Jan Baptist), b. 1855 Vervliet, J. B. (Jan Baptist), b. 1855 Elegant woman in gauzy dress pulling a book from a bookcase.

2. Carleton, Emma, 1889-1935 Carleton, Emma, 1889-1935 Three-story brick building above cluster of objects: smoking urn, ink pot and quill, open book.

3. Downing, Kittie Downing, Kittie Seated cat.

4. Drobner, Gustav Drobner, Gustav Man operating printing press

5. Drobner, Gustav Drobner, Gustav Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900 Portrait of Nietzsche, titles of his works

6. Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Farm woman watering flowers; scene with farmhouse; on the left, an escutcheon with caduceus and open book; on the right, an escutcheon with owl, feather and lobster

7. Drobner, Agnes Drobner, Agnes Line of tall trees and path in a field

8. Loveland, John W.; Loveland, Lee Partridge Loveland, John W.; Loveland, Lee Partridge Room with organ, fireplace, bookshelves; in the foreground bookpile, open book upon which rests a cogwheel, brightly burning oil lamp with cross displayed, hourglass with motto: 'Per minutas'. Above carved...

9. Frye, Walter Preston Frye, Walter Preston Native American with feathers in his hair, robe over one shoulder and bow, framed by flowers

10. Rogers, Jane Grey Rogers, Jane Grey Art nouveau style floral design, apparently meant to suggest a human face.

11. Sayre, Robert Heysham Sayre, Robert Heysham Stack of books framed by wreath, top book open to picture of steam engine from early railroad.

12. Corwin, John Adams. Corwin, John Adams. Dark grey ink on ivory paper. Contains a shield with fret and crescent, surmounted by a unicorn (head and neck) on a bar.

13. Clark, Arthur Wellington Clark, Arthur Wellington Man with long hair and wearing 18th century jacket at table reading

14. Drobner, Agnes Drobner, Agnes Woman playing a guitar

15. Armstrong, James T. Armstrong, James T. Raised arms hold uprooted oak tree with owl in upper branch. Portrait bottom right.

16. Des Robert, Edmond Des Robert, Edmond Open book with bookplate (armorial shield and date) on pastedown and text on first leaf

17. Landmann, Max Landmann, Max Escutcheon with rooster holding key; helmed and mantled; crested with a hat and three sheaves of wheat

18. Riquer, Alexandre de, 1856-1920 Riquer, Alexandre de, 1856-1920 Woman with hands raised near beaker over flames.

19. Merrill, Allene Le C. Merrill, Allene Le C. Putto hovers over ornate table with books and music.

20. Pauer, Max Pauer, Max Coat of arms: Eschutcheon parted quarterly. Quarters 1 and 4 charged with Pegasus rampant; Quarter 2 sable an inverted chevron argent; Quarter 3 argent an inverted chevron sable. Helm, crown. Crest conststs...
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