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Web Content Working Group

Library Web Content Working Group Meeting Minutes January 20, 2009

Library Web Content Working Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meeting Minutes
  January 20, 2009 3-4 pm
Main Library, Room 428

In attendance: Laura Hanson, Robert Slater, Lynne Rudasill, Camilla Fulton, Bill Mischo 

1. Pre-meeting talk

Lynne would like a total click-through for all items under library initiatives on the gateway

2. The Library Web Content Policy

Was reviewed and approved by CAPT at their last meeting, and will be posted to the web site and announced as soon as Scott Walter has had a chance to review it (for formatting style). No comments from the group on this item.

3. <a> target attribute

Per our discussion at the last meeting, the the use of target attribute in href tags is now allowed in the CMS to target a link to open in a new window.  No comments from the group on this item.

4. Review mock-ups made based on suggestions from the last Web Content Working Group Meeting:

5. Red-lining the gateway exercise

We began this work, but we'll need to continue this exercise as homework and pick it up at next month's meeting. Print out the Red Line exercise sheet and red-line anything you think shouldn't be on the gateway (for any reason- the resource it points to doesn't fit, the link doesn't describe what it goes to, etc.). Also, circle anything that you feel is very. very good/important to have on the gateway (don't just circle everything that should stay, just those things you feel you couldn't live without...). Be aggressive in your selections. Take a look at the click through links mapped visually if you want some help on selecting links based on current usage

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm