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Web Content Working Group

Library Web Content Working Group Meeting Minutes December 16 2008

Library Web Content Working Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meeting Minutes
December 16, 2008 3-4 pm
Main Library, Room 428

In attendance: Robert Slater, Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill, David Ward, John Weible, Jenny Emanuel, Camilla Fulton, Bill Mischo

1.  Review Web Content Policy by the 6 th

Add to the CSS section: Add a bit to the policy that units using their own CSS should have it reviewed by the Office of Web Tech, so the office can assist them with ensuring cross browser compatibility and accessibility. Otherwise it looks good. Group members will review the wiki version and make updates by January 15.

2. Government Documents icon/link/info on gateway

Important for people to know, especially with the potential for the physical library to close, to let people know that they'll always have access to the collections as part of the public.

This is an important case that can't be scaled to every unit library. The Virginia site has too much text, but the concept is fine. The gov docs librarians may have some already created materials we should point to.

Place a visual separator between the current footer and the new  information being placed there regarding government documents. Something about the width of the imark.

Bill is voting no, because of the clutter/space issue.

The group discussed this more, and has asked that this be rolled into the featured item area that Robert is working on.

3. Library Logo

Discussion of getting rid of the the library flipping page logos, per campus identity requirements.

4. Updating the Library Header links and the gateway

Cut "Home" from the toolbar, link the "University Library" Text. The group says they'd only expect the "About Us" link for the main library from the gateway page. For the toolbar on secondary pages, they'd expect it to be unit specific.

Barring evidence of high use in the logs, suggested header edits include; pull out Home, Get Help,  Contact Us, and About Us. On the issue of services link, Scott wants to change the content on that areas anyway, so he'll likely want to retain the link.

That will leave: Find Books, Find Articles, Library Databases, , My  Library Account, Ask A Librarian [Easy Search+] (submit)

Move all the How Do I's under "Get Help" or "How to use the library"

Place Quick Links as a final option in the new header.

Get rid off most/all the links from the basic easy search area except quick links.

Place a help me get started that goes through a more guided search process. Static pages att first, to be replaced by a recommender system later.

5. Target attribute for <a> tags

 Included through html 4, but not a part of the XHTML spec, but still widely used/requested, and likely to be part of xhtml 2 spec. The group decided to allow this attribute although it means pages using it will take a validation hit.

6. Other Business

Robert will mock up a version of the gateway including revisions discussed today, as well as pointing to some new centralized content that can be an intermediary to how do I, get help, etc links.

4:25 Meeting adjourned