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Web Content Working Group

Library Web Content Working Group Meeting Minutes July 8, 2008

Library Web Content Working Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2008, 10-11 am
Main Library, Room 225

In attendance: David Ward, John Weible, Jenny Emanuel, Laura Hanson, Robert Slater

John: Linearization of pages talks about headings… add the rules about them needing to be properly nested.

John: Remove all references to the CMS since this is a general web content policy.

John: Some possible problems/exceptions for this: Grainger servers, web applications that are commercial applications. What about third party resources/applications that we've licensed/purchased- is this covered. Add something about the pending campus software purchasing policy.

What is the scope of this group purvey: library web content can mean an awful lot of things.

Update our committee charge so that there is a roll for advice/information for units that are considering licensing/purchasing a new web product for the library.

So for something like libguides, this group would give analysis, advice, and feedback, but not consent, because we might, our review/recommendations go back to the unit with a CC to the AUL for IT.

Group is okay with making Robert/Camilla the go to people for policy violators.

Include a loophole clause/exceptions that would allow users to approach any member of the group, who will bring it to the larger group for review and suggestions, and a yes/no vote. In that language include a bit about equivalent alternative access.

In so far as this document refers to custom CSS of the use of javascript- if people are doing that, we should be expecting them to take the time to run validation of the page and the CSS, they should also run the FAE on it. We will also specifically require that they run their content through w3 HTML and CSS validators.

Add a bit to javascript section that pages will degrade gracefully, still provide core functionality.

The group feels that the API for grabbing wiki content is nice but not necessary.

John reports that the confluence wiki does use AD and AD groups using a certain naming convention uiuc-wiki-[something]. That mean we can't directly make use of the AD groups we already manage. This is a long term concern for the group, but not something that we feel is a deal breaker for using the wiki for the policy clearinghouse.

Send email around showing browser access stats, and then we can consider what our percentage access cut off for browsers should be.

Establishing a browser floor- Robert will work with John and Bill to get together some data on what browser are (reported as) accessing our site.

Robert reported on changes to the two-split predefined "template" content in tinyMCE/ the CMS to handle some float/clear interaction issues that had been identified. A fix is now available to fix existing pages with this problem, and the predefined template content for the two-split will be updated later this week to get rid of the problem from here on out.

11:10 Meeting Adjourned.