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Web Content Working Group

Library Web Content Working Group Meeting Agenda for October 21, 2008

Library Web Content Working Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meeting Agenda
December 16, 2008 3-4 pm
Main Library, Room 428

  1. Review the revised Library Web Content Policy, which incorporates changes requested by CAPT at the Nov 6 CAPT meeting
  2. Review top level gateway issues: adding a rotating banner-style featured item element to the page, review 2008 Spring click-through stats, Including the FDLP logo and information on the library gateway (down in the footer), like :
  3. Review the changes to our web site as mandated by the new Illinois Identity Standards Logo Rules. See approach used in the Library Learning MT Blog
  4. New U of I Library Google Custom Search to replace google syndicated search?
  5. Make the header image and alterable element so units can have their own sub-unit heading with a smaller “University Library” text underneath it.
  6. Librarian Request: Library Blogs page link on the Library Gateway or second level? Possible second level suggestions:
    • News And Events Page, in the left hand column, as well as including (separate but related)
      • Library Friends news (link to their Publications and News
      • Campus news
    • Resources for UG, Grad, Faculty pages (somewhere)?
    • University Librarian page about the under Quick Links?
    • Library Staff page (This seems a good choice, at the top, or in a sidebar)
  7. What about the option of allowing units to change the library header “Contact Us” link to point to their own “Contact” page? A few units are concerned that because of the generic nature of the phrase, it might lead users to think they are getting in touch with the unit/library whose page they are viewing? Alternatively, we could make the contact us page a php page, scan for the referring URL, and then make the “Contact the XYZ library” the top option, pulled from the “web contact link” information for that page in the CMS (if it isn’t just the default/generic gateway_conversion email).
  8. Allow the use of target attribute in href tags? Not valid XHTML, but it looks like it will be added back in XHTML2, and it was in HTML 4.01
  9. Font Styling questions: header size, font choice, etc. Units are already overriding with their own CSS - is that okay?
  10. Time permitting: red-lining the gateway exercise