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Web Content Working Group

Library Web Content Working Group Meeting Agenda April 17, 2008

Library Web Content Working Group
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meeting Agenda
April 17, 2008
Main Library 428

1.       Call for volunteers for a "Library Intranet Requirement Gathering" task-force-committee-thingy. Peggy Steele, Lori Mestre, Laura Hanson & Beth Woodard have all expressed interest in being on this group.  Any other suggestions/nominations?

2.       How about allowing any valid CSS (inline and style sheet class/selector based) in the CMS. Rather than imposing CMS based restrictions on CSS use, we can set policy that certain elements aren't to be overridden, and later, if this proves to be insufficient, implement the policy (where possible) in the CMS.

3.       New Version of library gateway easy search proposed:

4.       Rearrange and add to the subpage header navigation. Requested links so far have included: Easy Search, ORR, and the library catalog. Analysis of click-throughs from gateway gives weight to the argument that these are the most used/needed resources. Potentially add (or replace) the current google site search box with Easy Search.

5.       Default link styling: links are being lost in larger pools of text. How about letting links be displayed as the default underlined style.

6.       I've had multiple requests that we chance the web page template to allow the inclusion of a unit header (rather than just a unit graphic), where the generic library header is now. We could still force inclusion of the "University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" as a scond header image, but allow for units to place text/images like "Chemistry Library" into the header.

7.       Allow modification of or additions to the library footer to reflect unit level addresses and contact information.