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User Education Committee

January 24, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

January 24, 2000

Members Present

Members Absent

Sue introduced Julie Veazie, the new Graduate Assistant for User Education who was recently hired. Julie will assist the current chairman of the User Education Committee and will help with User Education related tasks. When a Central User Education Coordinator is hired, this Graduate Assistant position will be part of the coordinator's staff.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Sue revised the agenda order for scheduling puropses.

Beth Woodard talked to Deb Gilchrist about doing a full day workshop on assessment for teaching user education. Deb centers these workshops at the "class" level. She wants to know what kind of outcomes we'd like to see covered in the workshop. Some ideas are as follows:

Details on this will be forthcoming regarding time, place, etc. First we will be determine the cost of bringing Deb Gilchrist to our campus. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for June 22, 2000, depending on her schedule and availability.

Sue reported from ALA Mid-Winter in San Antonio that the ACRL approved the Information Literacy Contempency Standards Act.

Lynne mentioned that the instruction section of LPS will be doing a pre-conference before ALA this summer.

Sue and Lori attended the CIC meeting at ALA in San Antonio. The CIC is the Big 10 consortium of libraries. They shared information related to undergraduate populations at these universities.

Review of Action List from the previous meeting

Sarah will attend a presentation show with Aart Olsen regarding equipment and cost of this equipment.

Lori announced that the LCD projector and other equipment is now located in Room 291 of the Undergraduate Library. It will remain there until some new replacement equipment can be ordered. The equipment can be accessed by contacting the Undergraduate Library's secretary at 333-3503 or by email at

Helen developed the "what next" documentation. Sue handed it out at the meeting for our perusal. Helen would like feedback by Friday about anything contained in the handout.

Sue will meet with the Student Advisory Committee on Thursday January 27 to discuss some issues pertaining to user education. Some items of discussion are:

Email Sue before Thursday if any questions arise.

Sue talked about Academic Universe. How do we let users know what is new? Lori said it could be her responsibility to get a handout on searching Academic Universe available. Sue will add these items to the action list for next meeting.

Sue recapped the action list, including items added this meeting and then the meeting was adjourned at 10:20.