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User Education Committee

February 14, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

February 14, 2000

Members Present


Discussed clarification in minutes from 1/24/00 meeting regarding GA's position.

Review of Action List


Report on ULSAC Meeting

Students recommended reaching them regarding training through their instructors.

Julie checked out the possibility of using Comp II classes as a place to do this training. The main problem is that students often do not take a Comp II class until they are a junior or senior. Also, approximately 150 different courses qualify as Comp II courses.

Another possibility is through Information Competency requirements. Leigh Estabrook and others have been charged by the Provost to study this possibility of credentialing.

Assessment for Training and Professional Development

A list of about 30 people have been identified from certain divisions who would be interested in professional development in user education. These people would be invited to attend the program Deb Gilchrist may give. In addition, we need to target the 'needs assessment' of these librarians and staff. Beth and others have already brainstormed some ideas for a survey. Sue will contact her. A survey mock-up will be available at the next meeting.

Web Maintenance

Parts of the "Learn to Use the Library" web sites which are still under construction may need to be eliminated, and there is useful information which is buried. Lori will get stats regarding use of the sites. Features should be hyped to colleagues so they will use the site and tell their students to use the site.

Other Business

There was a discussion of the Director of Library Services and the User Education Coordinator positions. The structure and positions are still unsettled.

Next Meeting Mon, 2/28, the 4th Monday.

During the next meeting we will discuss meeting twice a month or reducing to once a month.