Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

March 13, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

March 13, 2000

Special Guest

Jill Leonard at 9:45. She is Bob Burger's G.A. working on user ed assessment.

Additional Agenda item

1)handout for LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe. 2)Metadata-was supposed to be on agenda, but Helen said to leave that item for a later meeting.

Minutes of Feb 28 meeting approved



Bob Burger has been helping on assessment and training. He set up a meeting with John Ory (also Sue and Karen Schmidt) at OIR on how to assess student information literacy. The outcome of the meeting was that John Ory talked about a campus survey and put Sue in touch with Rhonda Kirts. The College Student Experiences Questionnaire is given to students in the First Year Impact Program and Control Group at the midpoint or end of the fall semester. He will give this information to Sue. He has many years of information.

15 day request life on how to handle change for handouts. Sue will send message to LIBNews saying that we are not changing the handout until after the trial period is over and it is a permanent change. Lori will change HTML and PDF.

Leigh Estabrook and Information Technology credentialling: Sue met with Leigh and added information literacy competencies.

Paula Kaufman is meeting with Council on Undergraduate Education (UIUC) -She sees information literacy like writing, an across-the-curriculum program. The council will propose information literacy across the curriculum to the Provost.


Continuing Education

Beth has not gotten in touch with Deb Gilchrist yet (Deb has been out of town). A question was raised about how much of an honorarium would be needed; $100/hour or $1000? The needs assessment survey will be sent to people who had expressed interest in instruction. Sarah will work on the explanations of categories.

Pre-assessment tools (Jill Leonard)

She is starting to look at models. At Northern Colorado, a pre-assessment survey was given to 1,000 students. Their skills assessed higher than reality. Jill passed out a model of a skills assessment survey. We discussed the categories and questions. The skill based questions should not be on a library-wide survey because it may turn off graduate students and faculty. The 'attitudes' questions could be on the library wide survey. Should we do a pilot test of the instrument? What will we do with the data? Who will use it? Could it be used for a conference paper? Could it be used for the coordinator's information? What do we do now? We should ask Paul Kaufman to see what direction we should go. Jill will ask Bob what his plans are.