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User Education Committee

May 8, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

May 8, 2000

Members Present

Additions to Agenda: Discussion of Meeting of Beth Woodard with Moms Association and Dads Association

Minutes of April 10, 2000 approved




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Continuing Education / Professional Development

Report and statistics on Workshops

Lori DuBois handed out comparative summary statistics regarding the centralized workshops during 1999-2000 academic year. Members were encouraged to read through the information and let Lori know if this information was adequate or if there is other information which might be helpful. Some ideas for changes for next term are:

Student Competency Survey

Lynn Rudasill reported on the results of this survey of political science and sociology students. Some of the results showed: students did well on research questions, had problems with the terms truncation and Boolean, knew the Library Gateway well, identified scholarly journals, understood what particular citations referred to. In the fall she plans to expand the survey with the help of OIR.

Moms Association and Dads Association

Beth spoke to both associations at the suggestion of Roxanne Fry. They are pushing for a 1 credit freshmen experience class which might include library instruction. The organizations publish a brochure that is handed to freshmen in the fall. This might be a place to include information about the workshops. It is completed for fall 2000, but maybe we could put something in fall 2001. We also discussed the need for magnets (or other promotional items) with the library Information Desk phone number, URL, etc. on it to promote the library during Quad Day and other events.

Meeting was adjourned.