Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

September 9, 2013 Minutes

User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

September 9, 2013

Library 428

Members Present:

Melody Allison (14)
Susan Avery (ex officio)
Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) – Chair
Cindy Ingold (14)
Elizabeth Sheehan (15)
Jameatris Rimkus (15)
Mara Thacker (14)
Mark Wardecker (14)
Sandra Wolf (14)

Members Absent:

Kirstin Dougan (14)

Also Attending:

Meredith Riddle (Information Literacy GA)

1.       Welcome and Introductions

Lisa welcomed all new and returning members. The committee members introduced themselves.

2.      Agenda Review

Lisa reviewed the agenda. No additions were made.

3.      Acclamations and Accolades

Mara shared that she was invited back to instruction sessions she taught last year. She is planning collaborative work with a faculty member and a subject specialist from the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library. Cindy shared that she is collaborating with Stephanie Davidson from the Law Library and a course instructor to visit a pre-law undergraduate Discovery course for research on law regarding sexual orientation.

Beth announced that both sides of the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library are open to the public. This announcement precipitated a brief discussion of the configuration of room 106 as a teaching lab. The committee expressed concerns about accessible seating and walkways. Lisa will follow up with Sue Searing and Jeff Schrader and report back to the committee.

Lisa noted that the instruction accomplishments were often collaborative. Lisa also mentioned a future large collaboration among Central Access Services, the Music & Performing Arts Library, and the Rare Books & Manuscripts Library to support the use and discovery of resources for the Krannert Center costume interns.

4.      Committee Charge:

The committee briefly reviewed the committee charge. Lisa emphasized that the committee must choose specific priorities for the year, rather than attempt to cover every detail of the committee charge in every academic year.

5.      Continuing Projects from 2012-2013

Susan has taken the leadership role within this subcommittee (working with Melody and Beth) to study and provide recommendations to Library IT regarding the configuration of ACES 509. Susan presented the current recommendations. Susan stressed that one of the plan’s greatest values is its accommodation of different teaching styles. One of the current side walls will become the front of the classroom, thus reducing the number of rows and distance between the back row and the instructor. The new front side of the room will be equipped with a white board. Susan noted that the fixed electricity and data ports limit the options for the room layout. Susan described the desired two-screen teaching station with a flexible arm for accessibility. Committee members said that they would like the equipment to be secured but not locked in a cabinet as it is in the current ACES 509 design.

A committee member expressed concerns about the loss of seats and plans for a display monitor. Lisa remarked that the instruction database suggests that, although ACES 509 is used frequently, the seats are rarely used to full capacity. The committee came to the consensus that, in order for the new classroom monitor to be effective, certain minimums of size must be met or exceeded.

The committee voiced concerns about the accessibility of the layout, particularly with one of the proposed designs in which the teacher podium is located centrally rather than to the side. The committee agreed that a full accessibility audit should be part of the planning process. Susan agreed to update the subcommittee’s recommendations and send the information to Library IT.

The committee briefly reviewed this topic as discussed in meetings during the past academic year. Lisa reported that the committee is awaiting further discussion with Sue Searing and her engagement of the question with her advisory committee. Questions from the new University Librarian regarding discovery systems may lead to further discussions.

Lisa briefly reviewed important local results for new committee members. In particular, Lisa noted that campus faculty rated library instruction more primary than library faculty did. The committee hopes to review differences between local results and national results in order to determine the utility of continuing the survey locally. Lisa has requested a subset of the national survey focused on research universities, which Ithaka has agreed to create and send.

Lisa announced that LibGuides training has not been scheduled yet due to problems with the chat widget. Virtual reference is now using LibH3lp for chat service instead of IM Collaborator. The LibH3lp widget has a display problem in LibGuides due to its width among other issues. Lisa would like to resolve this problem with the chat widget code before training new staff on how to use LibGuides so as to not need to duplicate the number of training sessions needed this fall and because people are unlikely to re-add the widget if they are first trained to remove it.

6.      Upcoming Events

The committee also mentioned a CIC event that is being planned and will be held in Ann Arbor. A committee member suggested developing a series locally that imitates University of Michigan Library’s Instructor College.

7.      Brainstorm/Review Possible Goals/Projects for 2013-2014

Due to time constraints, the committee postponed brainstorming until the next meeting.

8.      Open Discussion/Announcements

The committee will receive an update next month on the different ways library units are using Blackboard Collaborate.

Lisa noted that the HTRC Uncamp took place yesterday and continues today and that there is interest in programming for searching and using HTRC data in research.

9.      FYI – Upcoming 2013-2014 Meetings – 10:00-11:00 am

Respectfully submitted by Meredith Riddle