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User Education Committee

Special Meeting: September 16, 2013 Minutes

Special Meeting: Data Information Literacy

User Education Committee and eResearch Implementation Committee

University of Illinois Library

September 16, 2013


Library 428

User Education Committee Members Present:

Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) - Chair
Cindy Ingold (14)
Jameatris Rimkus (15)
Elizabeth Sheehan (15)
Sandra Wolf (14)

eResearch Implementation Committee Members Present:
Harriett Green (15)
Karen Hogenboom (15)
Sarah Shreeves (15)
Sarah Williams (15) - Chair


Also Attending:

Meredith Riddle (Information Literacy GA)

Lisa welcomed the committee members. This meeting was scheduled at the suggestion of Sue Searing, who had noticed that members of both committees were planning to attend the Data Information Literacy Symposium on September 23-24 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Attending the event are Lisa Hinchliffe, Karen Hogenboom, Christie Wiley, and Sarah Williams. Those who are not attending in person can attend virtually via Internet live streaming. This meeting does not have a specific action agenda but is instead envisioned  as a wide-ranging discussion of challenges and opportunities presented by the topic of data information literacy.

The committee members expressed interest in learning about methods of data information literacy instruction that have worked at other institutions. Examples for librarians and staff who already know that data information literacy is significant, yet need a more detailed, concrete walk-through would be particularly helpful. Sarah Williams mentioned some example methods from the symposium organizers (e.g. integrated course modules, general data information literacy course for credit, and lab group readings with discussion). The committee hopes for more information from the symposium.

The committee members discussed definitions of data literacy and data information literacy as well as the new federal agency requirement to have data management and preservation plans for grant funding. One committee member wondered about the definition of “data” in the humanities.

Committee members voiced concerns about university ownership of graduate student research data with respect to copyright concerns. Committee members also discussed best practices for library faculty to manage their research data. Involvement from the Scholarly Commons and Dan Tracy, LIS subject specialist, were briefly mentioned.


Several librarians noted that the Research Data Services Interest Group meets monthly.

Sarah Shreeves & Sarah Williams teach a 1.5 hour Savvy Researcher session on Introduction to Data Management, which many graduate students and librarians attend.


Respectfully submitted by Meredith Riddle