Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

May 14, 2012 Meeting


User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

March 14, 2012


Library 428


Members Present:

Susan Avery (ex officio)
Adriana Cuervo (13)
Kirstin Dougan (12) 
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) – Chair
Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Carissa Phillips (13)

Members Absent:

Pat Allen (12)
Cindy Ingold (12)
Elizabeth Sheehan (13)
Peggy Steele (12)

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)
Harriet Green (English and Digital Humanities Librarian)
Michael Norman (Head, Content Access Management)

1.     Agenda Review

Lisa reviewed the agenda and asked committee members if there were any additional items to add. No additions were made.

Lisa shared that Sue Searing resigned from the committee after recently transitioning into the role of Interim Associate University Librarian for User Services.  A replacement to carry out the appointment has been requested from the Executive Committee.  

2.     FYI – Upcoming 2011-2012 Meetings – 10:00-11:00 am

  • June 11
  • July 9
  • August 13

3.     Acclamations and Accolades

The committee celebrated the tenure and promotion achievements of three committee members: Adriana and Carissa who were promoted to Associate Professor and Lisa who was promoted to Professor.
Lisa shared that a book she co-edited with Melissa Wong (adjunct in GSLIS), Environments for Student Growth and Development: Libraries and Student Affairs in Collaboration, was recently published by ACRL.

4.     LOEX Encore Sessions

The committee discussed LOEX Encore sessions.  Lisa asked for volunteers to lead the virtual sessions. All sessions are all scheduled in Library 314. Lisa will send out the call for volunteers by email.

5.     Professional Development Event Reports

Illinois Information Literacy Summit Report

Harriett Green shared some of her experiences from the recent Illinois Information Literacy Summit at Illinois State University. She noted that the conference was well-attended with professional representation from across the state.

Harriet highlighted Sharon Weiner’s keynote address concerning faculty involvement in teaching information literacy. The study showcased the findings of Purdue faculty’s self-reported involvement with teaching information literacy. The results demonstrated that many faculty members are teaching information literacy competency standards without help from the library. One of the takeaways from the report was the need to identify opportunities for collaboration with disciplinary faculty, such as through curriculum mapping. The committee discussed the possibility of Sharon Weiner coming to the Library to share her study. Harriet also highlighted a few breakout sessions.

LILAC - Merinda will share her experiences from LILAC at a future meeting of the committee.


Susan, Lisa, and Emma shared positive experiences from the LOEX conference. Char Booth’s plenary address on the identity of teacher librarians, change in the digital age, and the student experience in libraries was particularly energizing. The committee discussed inviting Char Booth to speak at the Library. 

Susan highlighted a presentation on the implementation of a web-scale discovery system and how it has created opportunities for more dynamic, focused instruction. The web-scale discovery service allowed more time for evaluating sources during instruction and less time spent on navigating databases. This presentation raised questions about how to teach to a web-scale discovery system and the benefit to students. Susan was also happy to share that her interactive session on integrating elements of writing across the curriculum in library instruction sessions was a success.

Lisa highlighted a presentation on organizational culture and information literacy programs. The presentation looked at organizational culture as a reflection tool to understand internal and external challenges surrounding an information literacy program. This presentation raised reflective questions about opportunities and challenges in the organizational culture of the Library.

Emma presented a poster session on LibQUAL+ and information literacy, which was well-received by conference attendees. Two graduate assistants from the Undergraduate Library and one from Reference, Research, and Governement Information Services also presented posters.

Megan Oakleaf’s Visit

Megan Oakleaf’s keynote talk and half-day workshop were both well-received at the Library. Megan gave a talk on using rubrics to assess information literacy and some of the barriers and limitations associated with implementation. Her discussion of working with faculty to norm rubrics and score student work was particularly valuable. Harriet shared that she will be developing rubrics for an honors seminar English course.

6.     Classroom Space in Main Library

This update will be sent via email.  

7.     ORR Retirement & Primo Implementation Update

Michael Norman joined the group to share information on the retirement of the ORR and the Primo implementation. CAPT asked the Web-Scale Discovery System Implementation Team to take on phasing out the ORR over the summer. Michael explained that the date for the final stage of the phase out is a moving target, but the goal is to complete it by the end of the first summer session. Michael noted that the implementation team is hoping to work together with the committee to help make the transition as seamless or as smooth as possible.

The group discussed needed library-wide communication, including a message on the Library Gateway. A need was expressed for another library-wide informational session with the implementation team and a consultation with the reference services community to ensure that the communication to users is well scoped to patron understanding the transition and new interface.

Submitted by Emma Clausen