Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

February 13, 2012 Meeting

User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

February 13, 2012


Library 428

Members Present:

Pat Allen (12)
Susan Avery (ex officio)
Adriana Cuervo (13)
Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) – Chair
Carissa Phillips (13)
Sue Searing (13)
Elizabeth Sheehan (13)

Members Absent:

Kirstin Dougan (12)
Cindy Ingold (12)
Peggy Steele (12)

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Agenda Review

Lisa reviewed the agenda and asked committee members if there were any additional items to add. No additions were made.

2. FYI – Upcoming 2011-2012 Meetings – 10:00-11:00 am

  • March 12
  • April 9
  • May 14
  • June 11
  • July 9
  • August 13

3. Acclamations and Accolades

Emma shared that she will present a poster on LibQUAL+ and information literacy assessment at LOEX this spring.

Susan shared that she and two Undergraduate Library graduate assistants will present a session at LOEX on how to include elements of  writing across the curriculum in library instruction sessions. She also shared that another graduate assistant will present a poster.

Merinda shared that she will present at workshop at the IFLA information literacy satellite conference in Tampere, Finland in August. She also shared that her graduate hourly, Jenn, will present a poster on copyright at LOEX.

Lisa shared that she will also present a paper at the IFLA Satellite Pre-conference. 

4. Brainstorm - User Education/Information Literacy and the University Library’s Strategic Initiatives

Lisa reviewed handouts including the Executive Summary of Strategic Initiatives ( from the Strategic Planning Task Force, the proposed teaching and learning initiatives that JoAnn Jacoby and Susan Avery presented to the task force last summer, and the slides from the Strategic Planning Forum. The committee discussed the University Library’s strategic initiatives and how the committee and the Office of Information Literacy might help engage the initiatives that directly relate to instruction, learning, information literacy, and a variety of goals that fall in line with the work of the committee. This discussion of plans for how the committee might want to pursue some of the initiatives could inform how the Library as a whole might want to implement and pursue them. 

The committee particularly discussed Goal 2: Support Teaching and Learning Programs. The committee noted that Goal 2 was not on the first draft and that its presence demonstrates progress in increasing the campus-wide awareness of information literacy. They focused on section 2.3 and how the concentrated and systematic effort for Advanced Composition course integration connects with the campus information literacy effort and the goal to increase the integration of subject specialist librarians into departments and across campus. The committee also discussed Goal 7: Build a Robust Assessment Program and how the committee could be involved to a degree to possibly indentify what metrics might be used. The committee also discussed Goal 1: Promote Access to, and Discovery of, Library Content and Collections. Sue noted that she and Peggy have been explicitly identified as liaisons to the User Education committee on the roster for the Web-Scale Discovery System Implementation Team. The committee underscored the importance of engaging the initiatives in collaborative and non-competitive ways in order to avoid overlap.

Merinda noted that the Media Commons search committee is preparing a draft position announcement for the Executive Committee. The committee briefly discussed plans to move technical services from the second floor of the Main Library and the process for open proposals for the space.

5. Update - ORR/SFX and Primo Implementations

Primo Implementation

Sue and Peggy are identified as liaisons to the User Education committee on the roster for the Web-Scale Discovery System Implementation Team ( Adriana is also on the team. The implementation team has come together in an organization meeting. Sue noted an upcoming webinar with Ex Libris. The implementation team is aiming for a soft rollout before the fall semester. The committee discussed integrated search results and customizable options for relevancy rankings in Primo; the committee noted that users do not necessarily understand hits and rankings. The committee also discussed user needs and the ability to articulate those needs when it comes to choosing a subject database. They also discussed the need for a comprehensive database discovery tool rather than integrated search results from two or three major databases.


The committee reviewed notes from the SFX update at the Faculty Meeting, the ORR to SFX Discover Session, and Michael Norman’s update emails. All LEARN material for the transition will be linked from the LEARN site. Merinda noted that so far 160 hours have been spent creating instructional materials. She also noted that many screenshots are out of date with some of the recent updates. Lisa noted that there may still be hourly funds available for the development of instructional materials. This money could be put towards user testing of instructional materials. Merinda indicated that her graduate hourly assistant is not interested in working any more hours. The committee discussed ORR links and that the URL re-direct script is all dependent on ORR functioning, which in not guaranteed to continue, and so everyone is encouraged to update URLs in webpages rather than relying on the re-directs.

6. Request - Search Manual Section on “Best Practices” for Presentation Topics for Interview Candidates

The Executive Committee is creating a search committee manual that will include best practices for presentation topics for interview candidates and they are seeking input for advice to search committees on how to scope and design this part of the interview session. The committee discussed best practices for an instructional presentation including how to use technology in a given space and the purpose of the presentation including demonstrating comfort in front of groups. The committee also discussed whether content or delivery is most important and possible topics including a presentation around a vision for a position and a discussion on a topic of the candidate’s interest.

Susan shared a graduate assistant handout that covers the candidate’s side of preparing for an interview presentation. Lisa will put out a message to the CIC Instruction Listserv to see how other institutions handle this aspect of the interview process. Lisa will begin a draft of best practices and send out the committee to review by email.

7. Planning - Megan Oakleaf Visit

Tentative dates for Megan’s visit are Tuesday, May 1, 2012 – Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Lisa is working with Megan to finalize the details of her visit. More information about events and times for lunches and other activities will be sent out soon.

8. Office of Services and Associate University Librarian for Services

With the AUL for Services position open, there is an opportunity to influence the structure of the position and the opportunity to take a leadership role in facilitating communication with committees and a collaborative role within the Office of Services. There is also an opportunity for the University Librarian to hear a vision for service development and how it could connect with an increased role in public services for our users.

Submitted by Emma Clausen