Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

September 12, 2011 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

September 12, 2011

Library 428

Members Present:

Susan Avery (ex officio)
Adriana Cuervo (13)
Kirstin Dougan (12)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) – Chair  
Carissa Phillips (13)
Elizabeth (Beth) Sheehan (13)
Greg Youngen (12)

Members Absent:

Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Cindy Ingold (12)
Sue Searing (13)
Peggy Steele (12)

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Welcome and Introductions

Lisa welcomed all new and returning members and provided an overview of the purpose of the committee. Members each introduced themselves.

2. Upcoming 2011-2012 Meetings – 10:00-11:00 am Library 428

3. Acclamations and Accolades 

This agenda item will be repeated at each meeting and is an opportunity to share highlights related to information literacy and instruction work. Committee members are encouraged to submit items ahead of time so they can be listed in the agenda.

Committee members shared that requests for instruction are growing. The Education and Social Sciences Library has received more than 30 requests for Fall instruction sessions already; the Undergraduate Library had nearly 60 sessions scheduled prior to the beginning of the semester; and the Music and Performing Arts Library has many courses scheduling for two sessions instead of just one.

The Veterinary Medicine Library had a seeming set-back when Greg was not included in new student orientation for the college. To compensate, he sent a welcome letter to members of the incoming class with a link to a LibGuide and has since received greater response than he had in previous years to the orientation session presentation.

The committee noted that building relationships with faculty and sending out communications prior to courses beginning, including a link to a LibGuide and an outline of major services offered, are some of the best ways to market instruction sessions.

4. Committee Charge:

The committee reviewed the charge and member responsibilities. Lisa shared her hopes for what might be accomplished in this coming year and noted the importance of the working groups the committee has created in the past and their deep investigation into ongoing projects.

The User Education Committee provides guidance and advice to the Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction and the University Library by formulating and reviewing plans, goals, priorities, strategies, policies and procedures related to user education; identifying temporary and ongoing instructional issues; promoting awareness of and participation in information literacy activities within the Library and the University as a whole; gathering information and encouraging research and discussion about information literacy, information seeking, and user education; creating and assisting with instructional development programming; and responding to requests for assistance or advice about user education and information literacy issues.

5. 2010-2011 Recap

a. Status of IT Requests

Lisa reviewed the status of the IT requests related to instruction.

b. Assessment Initiative

The committee hosted Deb Gilchrist as a guest speaker last spring. The committee decided to hold a follow-up session when those who attended Deb’s workshop could share how they are implementing what they learned. This will be scheduled later in the fall. Also related to assessment, Merinda will be an attendee at Assessment Immersion 2011 in Nashville. Lisa will be one of the leaders of this program. Susan and Carissa have attended in previous years.

c. Instructional Facilities

Lisa reviewed the status of projects related to the Library’s instructional facilities.

d. Status of Working Groups
e. Strategic Planning Forum Presentation

The committee contributed ideas for the “teaching and learning” presentation at the Strategic Planning Forum. The draft of the Strategic Plan will be available at the October 11, 2011 open meeting on the plan.

6. Possible Goals for 2011-2012

The committee discussed which projects to focus on in the coming year. Ideas under consideration include:

7. Announcements/Closing Comments

Lisa alerted committee members that they would be asked to review revisions to the Library 314 room use policy in the coming weeks. Changes focus on use of the space for brown bag events and opening the space for use as a lab.

Submitted by Emma Clausen