Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

June 11, 2012 Meeting

User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

Monday June 11, 2012

Library 428

Members Present:

Pat Allen (12)
Susan Avery (ex officio)Adriana Cuervo (13)
Kirstin Dougan (12)Cindy Ingold (12)
Carissa Phillips (13)Elizabeth Sheehan (13)
Peggy Steele (12)

Members Absent:

Merinda Hensley (ex officio)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (ex officio) – Chair

Also Attending:

Kathleen Kern (Assistant Reference Librarian, attending for Merinda Hensley
Robert Slater (Web Technologies & Content Coordinator)
Beth Woodard (Staff Development and Training Coordinator)

1. Library Gateway Update

Robert Slater joined the committee to review the new Library Gateway. The most recent version of the new Gateway can be found at The URL can be shared within Library units. Some of the major updates include:

Additionally, the Library Header will be replaced in the CMS for all pages; it will now include name of library with University Library in a smaller font. The new Gateway will have a soft rollout. More information on the timeline and release is forthcoming. Robert encouraged the group to send suggestions and feedback via email.

2. PRIMO Implementation Update

User testing is ongoing in order to determine where Primo will appear on the Library Gateway. Primo will either serve as a target in Easy Search or replace Easy Search altogether. It will still be possible to maintain unit level searches in Primo as in Easy Search. The Primo team recently got access to a demo account. There is not anything to share with the Library. Future Library-wide feedback and demonstration sessions will be held once a version is ready. There is likely to be a long period of development. Jenny Emanuel will be working with user testing.

Submitted by Emma Clausen