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User Education Committee

February 9, 2009 Meeting

User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

February 9, 2009

Library 428

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Robin Miller (Central Reference/Academic Outreach GA)

1.  2008-2009 Meetings Remaining

2.  User Education Lunches - "Teaching Toss"

Upcoming "Teaching Toss" discussions will be held in Library 423 (428 is unavailable).  Dates and topics of upcoming discussions are as follows:

3.  Reports from Faculty Retreat

Lisa asked committee members to share thoughts, reactions and follow-up to the 2009 Annual Faculty Retreat, held on Friday, February 6 th.  The theme of the retreat was "Preparing Students for the Global Century."

Paula shared insights gained about how the library can incorporate global competency and support study abroad.  Emily also maintains general web pages for students researching study abroad locations and Lisa suggested that Emily and Paula work together to link country/area studies pages to general study abroad pages.

Several members of the committee reported strong feelings about the keynote speaker and the retreat program.  Lisa encouraged the committee to review the report by the American Association of Colleges and Universities ( for additional insights about revising general education.

Lisa asked the committee to suggest speakers for future retreats.  Speakers must appeal broadly and address general topics in teaching and learning. One possible person to suggest would be Joan Lippincott from CNI.

4.  Updates from Working Groups

5.  New Working Group: Distance Teaching and Learning Working Group

A new group has been created to address library services for distance learners.


Investigate teaching and learning services and support for distance programs, faculty, and students. Provide advice and recommendations about shaping a distance teaching and learning program in the University Library based on past practices at Illinois, current library services, professional guidelines and standards, and a review of practices at other research libraries. Facilitate discussion of recommendations at April committee meeting in order to finalize working group report by June 30, 2009. 


February-June 2009


Merinda Hensley (facilitator), Rae Ann Montague (GSLIS), Sue Searing, Nancy O'Brien, Lori Mestre, Laura Hanson, Robin Miller (Academic Outreach Graduate Assistant)

Merinda distributed a draft description of services for distance learners and requested feedback from the committee as well. Lisa will invite those who are not on the User Education Committee to join the group.

6.  Announcements/Discussion

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Miller