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User Education Committee

September 8 , 2008 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

September 8 , 2008

Library 428

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1.  Welcome and Introductions – Lisa welcomed all of the new and returning committee members and provided an overview of the purpose of the group and her hopes for what might be accomplished in this coming year. Members each introduced themselves.

2.  Fall 2008 Meetings

3.  Committee Website – - Lisa asked committee members to review the website. Minutes from user education committee meetings will be posted here and, when posted, members will receive an email letting them know. When you review minutes, please let Lisa know about changes you’d like to see made. Working groups are also expected to post their minutes to this website. Lisa will craft an agenda for the committee meetings in the week prior to the meeting. Please send Lisa any agenda items you would like to have listed.

4.  Instructional Spaces for the Long-Term – Lisa asked the committee to help her prepare for her discussion with Woolen-Molzen, the architectural firm creating a master plan for the Main and Undergraduate libraries. Lisa has scheduled a conversation with them for two hours on Friday to discuss our instructional space needs. For the purpose of the discussion, “long-term” should be understood as changes to the library space will be made over the next 5-10 years and that will persist for at least the next 40 years.

Main ideas that emerged from discussion:

Please send further feedback to Lisa.

5. Updates on Instructional Spaces Library 225 and 314

Slavic Seminar Room (225) – Everything is finished except the monitor, which is essentially a large television. It will not power up and so Library IT is waiting for a technician from the manufacturer to arrive and diagnose it.  

314 – The Committee tentatively plans to visit the classroom during its October meeting. Computers were installed last week; however, the document camera has not yet arrived. The computer workstations still need to be imaged and then tested. The instructor desk will need to be replaced because of a number of problems (color, laminate, etc. are not what was specified). Issues that still need to be worked out are the scheduling authority and key checkout process. The room has 16 workstations and is designed to allow greater use of print materials complementary to electronic resources. Clickers will be purchased if there is sufficient money leftover from the 314 project.

5.  User Education Lunches – “Teaching Toss”  - In response to multiple requests for facilitated but informal opportunities to talk about teaching, Lisa is proposing a “Teaching Toss.” This event will be held twice a semester as a sort of modified pot-luck. Lisa will bring salad greens and utensils. Everyone who comes to the discussion will bring a topping for the salad. This will be an informal, community-building discussion space to talk about what people are doing with instruction. People could propose topics or ask someone to report on something they’ve been doing, but it will mostly be a very informal gathering. Lisa will set up some times.

6.  Goals for the Year – To prepare for a focused discussed at the October meeting, committee members are asked to identify what we need to accomplish this year – i.e., What does the library need us to do in order to move information literacy forward in the library as a whole? A complementary question is do we need to create different project groups? A review of 2007 working groups will also be on the agenda for the October meeting.

8.  Announcements/Discussion

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Bowles-Terry