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User Education Committee

January 12, 2009 Meeting

User Education Committee

University of Illinois Library

January 12, 2009

Library 428

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1. 2008-2009 Meetings Remaining

2. User Education Lunches - "Teaching Toss"

One successful toss was held this fall. The location of the next toss will be announced at a later date (428 is already booked). Two different topics were proposed for upcoming "Teaching Toss" discussions:

  1. Assessment of Instruction (discussion to be led by those who attended Assessment Immersion)
  2. Digital Learning Objects (discussion to be led by Lori Mestre).

The dates for which Teaching Tosses are planned are:

3. Updates from Working Groups

4. New Working Group: Career Services and Support

This new group has been created at the request of Paula Kaufman.

Merinda Hensley and Bernice Harrington will be added to this working group. Merinda has been talking  with the Graduate College about bringing together career services and resources into one cohesive portal. This group will draft a LibGuide that will bring together services and resources and will have a published (though not necessarily comprehensive and complete) version out by April.

5. Announcements/Discussion

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Bowles-Terry