Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

September 10, 2007 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

September 10, 2007

Library 428

Members present

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Welcome and Introductions

Committee members introduced themselves and Lisa welcomed Nathan and Bernice to the group.

Review Charge

Committee members reviewed the charge and responsibilities of the group.

Charge: User Education Committee: The User Education Committee provides guidance and advice to the Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction and the University Library by formulating and reviewing plans, goals, priorities, strategies, policies and procedures related to user education; identifying temporary and ongoing instructional issues; promoting awareness of and participation in information literacy activities within the Library and the University as a whole; gathering information and encouraging research and discussion about information literacy, information seeking, and user education; creating and assisting with instructional development programming; and responding to requests for assistance or advice about user education and information literacy issues.

Meetings for 2007

All are also entered in Oracle.


Gateway: Lisa thanked the group for their intensive review of 130+ new gateway pages. She sent about seven pages of commentary to the Web Content group. The breadcrumb feature is apparently unfixable in the Content Management System (CMS) and the Web Content Working Group is abandoning the site map for now. The new gateway is scheduled to go live on 9/18-9/20. All files will be moved to Cooper for public access. The files will be edited in the CMS and moved to the live server three times per week. This is a temporary solution for four to six weeks until the CMS is running on the production server. Webpages on Cooper (that do not have versions in the CMS) will not be locked and can be edited on Cooper

LibGuides: This is a Springshare product and we are currently on an extended trial until the payment moves through Banner. The web address is Merinda’s graduate assistant, Melissa, is currently populating the site with guides. Merinda, Nathan, Melody and Paula will look at the page options and come up with a “starter kit” for subject guides by the October meeting.

Planning for 2007-2008

Charges and proposed membership for the following working groups for the 2007-2008 academic year were approved:

Lisa will contact proposed members to invite them to be part of these working groups.

The Committee will also consider charges, membership, and timeframe for the following groups at the November or December meeting:


Respectfully submitted,
Merinda Hensley and Lisa Hinchliffe