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User Education Committee

October 9, 2006 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

October 9, 2006

Library 428

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Introductions and 2006-2007 Meeting Schedule

Lisa welcomed everyone and individuals introduced themselves.

Meeting schedule for 2006-2007

**Note: All meetings are in Library 428.

Community Outreach Working Group

Stephanie Atkins approached Paula and Bob last year about addressing community outreach needs e.g. local public school, Parkland Community College, WILL. It was recommended that a working group be formed to assist in focus, planning for goals, and assessment. Susan expressed concern regarding the addition of work responsibilities for such a project and Stephanie reassured that the intention is for her to coordinate outreach and to solicit willing volunteers for projects. As an example of outreach, Stephanie pointed to a local project in collaboration with WILL in helping students find research materials for a media project. Lori M. suggested a partnership with local public school librarians might be a possibility.

Lisa suggested that, in order to make the case for additional resources, the group should focus on doing one or two projects really well. This will increase the impact of the project for the library administration and campus. This group is an opportunity to address the call by Chancellor Hermann for civic engagement.

Suggestions were made regarding library faculty and staff for inclusion on this working group and it was decided that the initial term would be one year. This will help to keep up momentum as well as clarify the expected commitment. Stephanie will extend invitations to participate in the group.

Community Outreach Planning Group

Charge: The group will explore opportunities for extending access to the Library's content and expertise to the local community. The focus is to identity opportunities that fall outside of existing library programs and services and that serve a wider audience than the campus community. The group will strategize possibilities for outreach through partnerships and collaborations with local area schools (pre-K-12), Parkland College, public libraries, museums, local organizations, local PBS television/radio, and other community entities interested in working together to address community needs. Members will use campus and Library strategic plans as well as draw from their own experiences.

Outreach Innovations Working Group

The committee reviewed and confirmed the charge and membership for the group.

Charge: Explore emerging technologies for ideas and possibilities to reach out to users to encourage and improve library use.

Membership: Chris Hamb (chair), Leah Dodd, Stephanie Atkins Meg Burger, Lisa Hinchliffe, JoAnn Jacoby, Shannon Malcolm, David Ward and Nikki Wright

4. Graduate Student Information Literacy Needs Assessment

The committee reviewed and confirmed the charge and membership for the group.

Graduate Student Information Literacy Needs Assessment

Charge: Explore graduate student information literacy needs and make recommendations for and/or implement ways to meet those needs as appropriate.

Membership: Melody Allison (chair), Jim Kelly, Joe Straw, Lori Carroll, Lisa Hinchliffe, Mary Stuart and Allison Sutton

Item Ideas for the User Education Committee

Lisa distributed the list of items suggested as possible areas of focus for the coming year. The items were submitted by committee members through an email-based brainstorming. The list is appended to these minutes. Susan started by stating that several of the items were related to each other. She would like to see some promotion for the library in places like YouTube. She cited the example of ASU's short video on RefWorks.

Lisa suggested and the group agreed that that numbers 4, 10, 24, 25 and 26 be given to the Outreach Innovations Working Group.

Items 6, 19-23 could be directed to a new subgroup focusing on Professional Development for Teaching and Learning. Lisa will chair this group and invited members will include Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Dawn Cassady and Susan Avery.