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User Education Committee

February 13, 2006 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

February 13, 2006

Library 428

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Additions to the Agenda

Lisa added the Edible Books Festival to the agenda.

Future Meeting Dates

Old Business

Library Toolbar

The Firefox version of the Library toolbar, now called I-Go, is now working, though the link to download it off the website is having problems. Chris will email the file to the UserEd committee members.

The InfoLit Brown Bag Lunches

Location/Type: Library Meeting Room/Brown Bag
The room and location of the meetings remained the same. Reschedule dates.

The previously chosen time of 12 PM on the second Thursday was decided to be too busy with other meetings. Discussion concerned a new day. Tuesday and Friday were discussed and Friday was the final decision. The first meeting will be in March where the previously agreed upon topic of Plagiarism will be discussed with Lori Mestre as facilitator.

Game Night in UGL

David Ward thinks the Game Night is a good idea and it will be planned for after Spring Break. There was some discussion about whether software companies would co-sponsor gaming nights in the libraries as they do with student clubs, but without the fee.

Related info: Karen Schmidt has started discussions on including video games in our collections. We are already committed to adding video game strategy guides to the collection. This was prompted by a faculty research group on campus that has been trying to find older games for their research.

CITES System for Game-Based Training

CITES has agreed to allow the library to use its game-based tutorial software in addition to giving us training on how to use it. The game is module-based and the library should be able to easily modify the CITES modules to create a more library-centric game. Susan Avery and Lori Mestre will pursue this further after Spring Break.

Graduate Student Information Literacy Needs Assessment

Jim, Melody, Joe, Lori Mestre, and Lori Carroll have agreed to take part in planning the Graduate Student Information Literacy Needs Assessment.

New Business

Immersion Program in Illinois in 2007

The director of CARLI has expressed interest in proposing to host the 2007 regional ACRL Immersion Program. CARLI has begun to prepare materials to make the proposal to ACRL. The cost would be about $46,000 for materials and faculty. CARLI foresees the entirety of the program to require a $65,000 budget (including meals but not lodging and travel) and hopes to co-sponsor the program with NILRC and the State Library. The primary purpose of the UserEd Committee's discussion was to discuss interest in the program as well as possible locations. In regard to interest, the majority of the committee was very excited; however, a recommendation for a location was not as simple to agree upon. It was decided that a central Illinois locale would best suit the program due to travel and that this central location should furthermore provide enough activities outside of the program for entertainment. As such, the three primary cities discussed were Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana, and Peoria. Several schools to host were discussed within these cities including Illinois State University, the University of Illinois, Wesleyan College, and community colleges. Each venue has its virtues, though the committee leaned towards recommending Illinois State University for its location, convenience, entertainment, and the layout of the rooms needed for the program.

Other information discussed included who was encompassed by the Regional Immersion Program. The program would include the state of Illinois and some bordering large cities, though others from bordering states may be invited if all the spots are not filled. The UserEd committee and others within CARLI would be asked to assist at the event. It would take place in the summer of 2007, but will not conflict with ALA. Lisa will continue to work with the CARLI director on the proposal.

Edible Books Festival

Sue Searing and others have begun planning the 1st ever campus Edible Books Festival, an event that encourages the creation of books and book-related items out of food. These books and book-related items would subsequently be eaten. The event will take place this April and UserEd committee will assist with Paula Carns taking the lead. More information can be found at The committee also discussed whether Library Friends would like to help and whether or not the event would be open to the public.

Theme for Fall Festival

It was discussed whether or not the Fall Festival will have a theme this year. Though no single topic was decided upon, the committee did discuss the popularity of interactive exhibits at the last festival. A list of suggestions for these activities was discussed in order for participants to create better exhibits. A variety of events were discussed for the next festival including: a scavenger hunt, food, a prize wheel (which Lisa has found to purchase), and a variety of crafts in the same manner as the make-a-book exhibit last year.

Related Info: This may be the last year for the Bob the Book costume as it is deteriorating. A discussion of a replacement costume, or perhaps a different costume (bookworm, bookmark, etc.), took place. Suggestions are welcome.


Next Meeting: March 13, 2006

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Stevens
Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy