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User Education Committee

December 8, 2003 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

December 8, 2003

Library 428

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Meeting Schedule for 2004 Meetings

Old Business

Instruction Statistics Form (Action: Approve for Library-Wide Use)

Lisa asked if there were any other questions about the web form. The committee agreed to make the web form available to library faculty in January. Lisa will draft a FAQ sheet about the statistics form and will continually add to the FAQ if more questions arise.

New Business

ARL and Unit Annual Report Statistics

Lisa has been reading the annual report statistics and has found data clean-up necessary. She has concluded that the library has are not been collecting according to ARL standards. The development of the new instruction statistics database will help the libraries correctly input statistics.

Request from Electronic Resources Working Group to Review Ovid "Save Searches" Directions (Action: Make Recommendation)

The committee has been asked to recommend new text for the Ovid Splash pages located in the Library's online research resources. Lisa will send out a possible text via email. The User Education Committee will make a recommendation to accept, or revise this statement.

First-Year Student Fall Festival

The committee brainstormed ideas and proposed questions regarding the festival:

Orientation to UIUC Information Literacy and Instruction for Newly Hired Librarians

At the next meeting, the committee will discuss what new librarians should know about information literacy at the University Library.

Announcements/Open Discussion

Greg will transcribe his notes from the PIT meeting and send them to the committee.

The next meeting will be February 9 from 10:00-11:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Ely M. Anderson
User Education GA