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User Education Committee

January 14, 2002 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

January 14, 2002

Library 428

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The agenda was reviewed and approved. The minutes of December 10, 2001 were approved.

Fall 2001 Workshop Report

A statistical report was distributed to the committee members, detailing in chart form the results of workshop efforts during the Fall 2001 Semester. A total of 53 workshop sessions were offered. There were 6 different types of workshops, including: Articles, Finding Books and Journals, Government Resources, Evaluating the Web, Interlibrary Loan and Statistics. Total actual attendance for the semester was 511 out of the 1166 workshop session slots created. When compared to the Fall 2000 Semester, there was no significant increase in percentage of slots filled this Fall 2001 Semester (37% and 38%, respectively). For those 1002 individuals required to take the quiz, 829 actually completed the quiz.

Publicity was carried out through a variety of media, including teaching assistants and professors, the Library Workshop News publication, the Library's web page, the Daily Illini, posters, flyers and the GradTimes. The majority of attendees (66%) replied on the survey that they had heard about the workshop(s) from their teaching assistants and professors.

Going forward, marketing will be tracked more specifically by type of medium: electronic, paper or person (i.e., TA/professor). Lori DuBois is instituting an on-site instruction program in the dormitories for the Spring Semester to see if this may improve the attendance and participation rates.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Workshops

Cheelan Bo-Linn (Office of Instructional Resources) wants to look at the week of February 25th as a possible training time. Noon-1pm and 5-6pm are the best time slots. Each workshop will have at least two instructors. Volunteers designated at the last meeting for teaching these workshops were:

The workshop leaders will determine the dates and times and make space arrangements; Sue will collect the information and forward it to OIR. OIR will handle the publicity and the User Education Committee can handle the RSVPs. It was also agreed that the Spring Semester would serve as a "pilot" period for the training and that the group would wait on the results (i.e., response) before planning further.

Luncheon Dates & Topics

Julia Spann reserved the following luncheon dates for the committee:

Start times would be 11:30am at the Union Hall Ballroom on the second floor.

Possible topics for discussion (-- to include guest speakers at times, if available) were:

The group will see if we can get Mike Twidale for February 28th luncheon.

Other Updates & Announcements

Teaching Alliance

Feburary 8th - Jim Gentry, College of Commerce & Business Administration is speaking on "Teaching for Exemplary Learning." Pat Lawton, GSLIS, will be working with him on this.

Coordinator Search

One candidate has been seen so far. Bob Burger will send reminders for the next two interviews.

Departmental Instructional Efforts and other news

Beth Woodard - Extending deadline to register for the Immersion Institute being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Cindy Ashwill - Met with Peggy Steele and Bob Burger to discuss preliminary plans and publicity for the transition to the Voyager system.

Voyager implementation - first "launch briefing" (all-staff information session) will be held on Wednesday, January 30th from 10am - 12pm. System manuals can be found on newer release of the software which UIUC will have.

Lori DuBois - Public Interface & Training Teams. Lori is on these committees and will keep the group informed as she becomes aware of developments.

Lynne Rudasill - A lot of requests coming in for sessions. Allison Sutton, Psychology Librarian, is really doing well with the offerings. There are 8 sessions scheduled for the first 2 weeks of the Spring Semester.

Paul Callister - 300 students scheduled for Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw. Legislative History also being taught. Working on a proposal for advanced legal research for next year. Librarians are the primary ones providing the instruction.

Frances Harris - Her GA is redesigning their web page. Lots of creative learning tools such as "Who Dunnit" -- a game to help students refine their library search skills.

Karen Hogenboom - Tutorial for finding government documents being developed. Mary Mallory is teaching LIS 424, Government Documents, this semester.

Lori and Sue will attend the CIC instructional librarians half-day meeting at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans. Among the topics for discussion are assessment and marketing to teaching faculty. ACRL working sessions will also be attended.


The committee received all its requests for FY02. SnagIt, a screen-capture software program, will be implemented. The Systems Office will be consulted to see if it is better to implement through a network or individual desktops.

Cindy and Lori will confer about the $1000 approved for workshop flyers and promotional expenditures. Lynne suggested using the LibNews listserv to announce the availability of workshop flyers and ask people to request the number they need. (Previously, the flyers were handled as GEN documents.)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15am.