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User Education Committee

August 13, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

August 13, 2001

Members Present

GSLIS-Library Teaching Alliance

September 28 is the kick-off program. It will take place at Beckman. It will be a split-day program with different sessions in the morning and afternoon. The lunch period will be used to brainstorm content for the rest of the year. Beth Woodard is working with Sue and Linda Smith on the program.

Possible topics are learning styles (Beth Woodard), peer observation (Kirby Barrick from ACES), and teaching portfolios. The grant from PITA has money for lunches, materials, and a graduate assistant, but no money for outside speakers. PITA emphasizes using local resources so that we share our knowledge with each other.

Updates on orientation and instruction efforts for fall

The general library brochure created by Lori, Cindy, and Bob has been printed and will be given out at Quad Day and other orientation events.

Bob will be attending the graduate student information fair.

Cindy will be going to the new faculty and academic professional orientation. Cindy has a new table-top display, pens, and magnets for the orientations. The Development Office is also going to the State Fair. They have a library trivia sheet in which all the answers are the UIUC Library.

Lori is coordinating New Student Week tours and UGL will also be offering tours during the first three weeks of the semester.

The library workshop schedule has been set and the workshop flyer will be given out at Quad Day, tours, and the Welcome Desk.

Lori will also be attending Residential Life's Campus Resource Fair for new resident assistants.

Planning for Endeavor

The contract hasn't been signed yet. ISCC met to discuss teams and membership. There will be a training team headed by Beth Woodard; we will need a liaison to that group. Executive Committee will meet to finish committee assignments. Cindy will be leading the campus communication efforts.

Other priorities for fall

Should we keep the monthly luncheons? The teaching alliance will also be having brown bags during the year. We decided to keep the luncheons and agreed that it is good to have a discussion topic. Sue will send a message to LIBNEWS asking for topic suggestions.

Possible new committee members were discussed due to the departure of Elizabeth Clarage.

The need to promote the Library more in the Faculty Senate. New classes are approved without considering the impact on the Library's collections. We also need more Library representation on University committees (for example, the General Education Committee).

The Learn to Use the Library Web site was created by a subgroup of the User Education Committee several years ago. Many of those members have since left the committee, and the site is being maintained by Lori. During fall semester, we need to get a new group of people together to update and create more content for the site. All members of the User Education Committee have permissions on the library web server to access the files. We also have space on the file server to share and store documents (i.e. agendas, minutes, and other user ed related documents).


Sue reported on a recent meeting with Ken Spelke (ACES), Michelle Kazmer (GSLIS and Education), Lanny Arvan (CET), and Gail Hawisher (Writing Studies) on ideas for teaching students information literacy/Web evaluation skills. They discussed the idea of creating an online learning package that professors could have students use, not necessarily for a grade, but as a requirement for the course. They pointed to the sentiment that professors have too much to do, so they don't have time to do the necessary instruction or to have their students do research papers.

A search committee for the Coordinator of Information Literacy Services and Instruction position will be appointed soon.

Action List

Sue will send note to LIBNEWS about luncheon topics