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November 12, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
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November 12, 2001

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Teaching Assistant (TA) Workshops

Efforts were initiated with OIR last year to give workshops to TAs as part of the TA teacher certification program. OIR requested that one-hour workshops be scheduled for 5:00 p.m. weekdays or during the lunch hour. The Committee needs to work out the details and determine the content. Discussion followed concerning target audience demographics, subject areas the TAs represent, etc. A hands-on workshop in a computer lab might not be the best use of the time.

There was a strong sentiment to offer discipline-based workshops which would cover the range of library instructional services and include an interactive component. Each workshop should have two instructors. Volunteers for teaching these workshops are:

Discussion concluded with the following general format for the workshops:

The Committee decided that it was probably too late in the Fall semester to offer these workshops and will instead focus on the week of January 28th. If there is a TA orientation for the Spring semester, publicity could be distributed there.

Sue will contact OIR and propose this plan. She'll ask questions about enrollment, a registration procedure, etc. It would be very helpful to have an e-mail enrollment process so TAs could be queried about their specific interests.

Announcements and Updates

On Wednesday, November 28th, there will be a Voyager preview in the GSLIS lecture hall (room 126), from 10:00 to 4:00. Registration is required. Committee members are encouraged to attend.

Frances will share her web evaluation instructional materials with the group. Most of these can be found at Notes and links for a lecture, which are not linked from this site, can be found at

Update on "Learn to Use the Library" Web Site

The group discussed eligibility, net IDs, etc. and concluded that the page should be kept simple since things are in such a state of flux.

Action Items

Sue will follow up on the TA workshop arrangements. The people mentioned above will teach the workshops.

Respectfully submitted,
Frances Jacobson Harris