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User Education Committee

September 10, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

September 10, 2001

Library 428

Members Present

This was the first meeting of the Fall semester. Sue called the meeting to order at approximately 9:10am with a welcome, brief overview and introductions.

Meeting minutes from August 13, 2001 meeting were reviewed and approved. Minutes will be posted to the Committee website and distributed to more colleagues through LON and an email message to LIBNEWS-L pointing readers to the website.

Nothing was added to the agenda.

Updates and Reports

Bob Burger - Coordinator for Information Literacy Services & Instruction

Sue Searing - GSLIS-Library Teaching Alliance

Cindy Ashwill - Quad Day and Faculty Orientation

Sarah Reisinger - Learning Community Tours

Bob Burger - Graduate Student Resource Fair

Lori DuBois - General Tours

Jane Wiles - ACES 100

* Side note on policies

* The formal dedication of the ACES Library will be on Oct. 4. Tours for Library staff and faculty will begin the week of Oct. 8, with 10 people maximum at a time.

Lori DuBois - Workshops

Other Early Fall Instructional Efforts

Grainger (Linda Ackerson): Nothing set up for undergrads, though may consider in future. Grainger does more orientation during the summer because students and their parents come.

Law (Paul Callister): Law does 30 hands-on ½ hour sessions in case law and digests. Will be doing 30 sessions on Statutory Law at the end of this week. Have received some special tour requests. Westlaw and Lexis training this week also. Offering curriculum for Advanced Legal Research as remedial course for law professionals.

Government Documents (Karen Hogenboom): Working more with Rhetoric people to get them more involved. Working with Lynne on PoliSci classes.

Architecture & Art (Chris Quinn): Providing more individual sessions for classes. Jing Liao doing instruction for this.

LIS (Sue Searing): Two groups of LEEP students came in July. Intensive training: 3 sessions, each offered twice, for each group over 3-week period. Library orientation is required for distance students but not on-campus students. Only 20 on-campus students showed up for optional tours in September.

Other Business

Interesting phenomenon (Jane Wiles): Undergraduate students and administrative assistants doing research for graduate students. We need to meet the needs of this population because often those hired aren't as adept as they could be. Paul suggests using Paul Healey's approach as a model for how we can address this need. Paul Healey (Head of Public Services, Law Library) has a pool of research assistants that he trains and then oversees. This short-term hiring of people to do research is becoming very popular as needs will continue to grow. Perhaps we can offer a workshop entitled, "Are You Doing Someone Else's Research?"

"Learn to Use the Library" Website: Needs to be updated. Higher priority needs to be given by committee. Please review and notify Lori of any changes to be made.

Meeting adjourned 10:15am.