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User Education Committee

December 10, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

December 10, 2001

Library 428

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The minutes of the Nov. 12 meeting were approved and accepted.

Information Literacy Coordinator Search

Bob told the committee about the four candidates for the position and their interview dates. After reviewing the job announcement the committee thought about several questions that could be asked during their time with each candidate. A list of the questions suggested by the committee will be forwarded to them under separate cover. The committee also suggested that a few other librarians who have strong interest in the area to join them at the meeting with each of the candidates.

Visiting Scholars' Web Page

The committee discussed the draft of the Visiting Scholars' Web Page that was created by Sarah Reisinger. Suggestions were made to Sarah, who will revise the draft accordingly.

Fall Workshop Report

The committee will discuss this at the next meeting.

TA training plans

Sue is pursuing the training plans for teaching assistants. This includes reserving rooms, registration and marketing.

Budget for current year

Sue reported prior to the meeting that the committee had received funding for the Snag-It Software, as well as funding for materials distribution. For Snag-It, we have to determine how many potential users there will be and then proceed accordingly.