Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

January 22, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

January 22, 2001

Members Present


Minutes from 12/11/00 approved No changes to the agenda.

LOEX Meeting

Paula Kaufman approved funding for two people to go to this conference. The theme is "Managing Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries". Online registration opens on 2/15. Several committee members are interested in attending. The decision was made to send an announcement on LIBNEWS-L. Anyone interested will write 1-2 sentences on why they would like to go and send it to Sue S. by Friday, 1/26/01. A subcommittee of User Ed Committee members who do not want to go will decide which two persons will get the funding from this committee.

Mission and Goals

The Committee reviewed the mission statement for library user education at UIUC and made several minor changes. Everyone approved the final version which Sue S. will give to Paula Kaufman to take to the Administrative Council and the Executive Committee. The mission statement will also be presented at the March meeting of the Library faculty. The User Education Committee will postpone discussion of goals until the March meeting.

Teaching Effectiveness workshop

Sarah Reisinger read responses from several evaluations of the workshop. Sarah will give Julie V. the evaluations to summarize for further review by the Committee members. In addition to repeating this class for people who were unable to attend, future workshops will include a clinic type workshop where participants can work on specifics of the presentation of their workshops. Sarah R. will check with Dean Papajohn to see if the OIR would provide observers. Another possible workshop would be a panel of faculty who have successfully connected with the library. This would be available to department libraries and others.

Learning Communities

Sarah met in Fall 2000 with 8 groups, a total of 120 students for a 45 minute orientation to the Library. Some leaders of the communities obtained library stacks passes for their members. There will also be Library tour and orientation this Spring 2001 from 2/19-4/19/0l each Thursday at 4 and 5. Joanne Kiley, Sarah's G.A., is proactively getting the schedule of tour guides filled. Anyone interested should contact her.

Reports from ALA

Presidential Task Force

Information Literate Community Partnerships Frances Jacobson Harris reported that the discussion was primarily about librarians as advocates for information literacy in information literacy partnerships between all types of libraries and between libraries and other agencies. She has some material to help develop partnerships between school libraries and academic libraries.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Instructional Librarians Meeting

Lori DuBois reported that the committee discussed a draft of the committee's charge. Because time is limited during the ALA meeting, they would like to set up a retreat to discuss in more depth the mission of the group. This committee serves as an advisory committee to the CIC in matters of user education. The committee discussed user education committees at their institution and the importance of getting all libraries within their institution wanting to provide user education in a consistent way.

CIC Public Services Director

Sue Searing reported that they discussed the VEL in relation to the new Bath profile and Z39.5 standards for what is indexed and also its functionality. All the OPACs must follow these standards for the VEL to work better. Vendors do not all subscribe to the standards which are still in draft form. Alternatively there could be two sets of indexes, one for each local OPAC and one for the VEL. User education programs would have to reeducate users and staff if it become operative. There seems to be a general skepticism against the VEL. An emerging alternative is WebFeat which is a translation program, customized for your institution.


Action List