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User Education Committee

March 19, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

March 19, 2001

Members Present

Minutes from February 12, 2001 meeting were approved. No changes in today's agenda.

Planning for Library Faculty Meeting on March 23

Before her presentation, Sue will distribute the Mission Statements of the Library and of the User Education program. There will also be a list of the Accomplishments of the User Education Committee and list of expectations for the User Education Coordinator position. The discussion of the accomplishments will begin with remarks from Bob Burger stating that the accomplishments include more than just information literacy. Sue will then talk about what the User Education Committee would like to see for the User Education Coordinator position. Bob will keep notes and incorporate the suggestions into the advertisement for the position. Bob will lead the search for the position. Bob will make sure the position request is sent to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee discusses all job positions and will propose a Search Committee. We need to find people who are available and recruitable for the Coordinator. Several names of individuals were mentioned as possibilities for the Search Committee.

The User Education Committee does not actually do the workshops. The Committee coordinates and supports the other librarians who are developing and managing or doing the workshops. There was a discussion of the list of accomplishments and it was decided to put handouts first on the list to show an accomplishment of the User Education Committee that the faculty are familiar with.

"Thoughts about the User Education Coordinator" is a list of expectations based on what other institutions are doing. A few changes were made to this list.

Cindy Ashwill, Associate Director of Development and Public Affairs

Cindy Ashwill came to the User Education Committee to discuss the time frame for communication about the next integrated system upgrade. This will not be described as a "new" system, but rather as an improvement to the existing catalog. This is a change in strategy from the implementation of DRA in 1997-98. She would like to work with the User Ed Committee to establish a timeline for information to be distributed. Information will be distributed through the Daily Illini, Inside Illinois, News-Gazette, radio and local television. Talking points will be distributed to all faculty and staff at the Library so everyone in the libraries knows what is happening. This should help with rumor control. There will be a press release for everyone and she will work with Andrea Lynn from the University news bureau to develop this release. The roll out is scheduled for Summer of 2002. Four companies are coming to the University of Illinois campus to demonstrate their products. One will be selected by May. There is anxiety with a new system. Internal public relations will make people aware and reduce the anxiety. Problems or issues will not be glossed over. There were problems last time with no vendor-provided training materials and only three months to train the trainers with only a small training database available.

Office of Instructional Resources

OIR is offering classes for Teaching Assistants (TAs). The Library has been invited to offer training of one-to-two extra hours as early as this fall. We would develop an abstract by the middle of June and focus on critical areas like 1) how to write library research assignments and 2) critical evaluation of information on the web. We would work with Cheelan Bo-Linn and could offer two workshops. Lori, Sue, and possibly Sarah will work on this.

Teaching Academies

Teaching Academies offer opportunities for faculty to improve their teaching skills. Not all colleges and departments offer this yet. The library could plug in with a workshop. The workshop must be interactive and not in front of a computer. A description of what we would want to do should be developed before June. (Beth Woodard might be a good source for helping with this.)

Information Literacy Group: Sue Searing reported that the Information Literacy Group met over break. This included Ken Spelke, Michelle Kazmer, Sue Searing, and Charles Stewart. (Other members of the group include Paula Kaufman, Leigh Estabrook, Peter Siegel, Jim Levin, George Badger, and others.) They are interested in working with faculty and with students. Sue will give some examples of the best practices based in libraries. The group will survey the faculty to learn who is already doing this (find the "innovators").



Action List

Sue Searing will make presentation on User Education Committee to the Faculty meeting on 3/23/01.

Sue, Lori, and possibly Sarah will work to develop two workshops to be offered to TAs during Fall 2001 through OIR.

All Committee members will review their assigned pages from the 'Learn to Use the Library' site and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting.

Next Meeting is Monday, April 9 from 9-10:30