Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

November 13, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

November 13, 2000

Members Present


Unit Head instruction will be reviewed by Frances Jacobsen Harris.

Sarah will schedule a workshop by OIR staff on teaching and presentation techniques on December 12.

December 13 is ARL teleconference for UCITA.

Statistics Survey: Sue Searing and Elizabeth Clarage will send it to Unit Heads to determine the nature of the instruction that libraries report in the annual statistics. There was a discussion of the survey.

UGL Workshops: Lori DuBois reported that 50 workshop sessions were offered with 483 attendees. Advertising this term was wider and more thorough.

Learning Communities: Sarah Reisinger reported that over 50% of LAS students are in a Learning Committee. We could reach many students through these communities. Sarah does tours of significant points in the Library.

User Education Lunch: The lunch is Thursday, November 16. The topic is a discussion of issues in the article "Information Age Mindset."

User Education Committee Budget Hearing: The job description for the User Education Coordinator was reviewed. It will be presented at the joint meeting of the Executive Committee and Administrative Council on November 17.

Missions and Goals: Discussion of the development of a mission statement for User Ed Committee as well as for the overall instructional efforts of the University of Illinois Library. The Draft mission statement by Lynne Rudasill should include the concept of information literacy. Lynne will send out a rough draft on e-mail before the next meeting.


Sue Searing has written a memo to Paula Kaufman requesting funding to send two librarians to LOEX.


Lynne: draft mission statement Sarah: finalize training date with OIR Sue: reword statistics survey Lori: continue working on workshop statistics Sue: clarify annual report timetable.