Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

February 12, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

February 12, 2001

Members Present


Corrections were made to the January 22, 2001 minutes.da.

Plan for presentation by User Ed Committee at the Library Faculty Meeting

The User Education Committee is on the agenda for 3/23/01. We assumed we will have 20 minutes or more. Neither Sarah Reisinger nor Elizabeth Clarage will be able to attend. As chair, Sue would make the presentation and call on members as needed for specific discussion or detail. We will take handouts of the mission statements, and possibly overheads.

Outcome A: What we want to accomplish

Outcome B: Presentation would include

We will try to get feedback on the Mission statement before the presentation. Sue will send note on LIBNEWS-L. Julie will review the minutes for a preliminary draft of accomplishments from Jan 2000-present.

Themes or Goals of User Education at UIUC

There was a lengthy discussion and development of goals for user education. The following is a list of these themes or goals:

User Education Coordinator Position

There was a discussion of the User Education Coordinator Position and some of the responsibilities that would be part of his/her job. Sue S. will use the following list and other materials on user education coordinators and will put together a very rough draft of the User Education Coordinator position.

The following is a list of responsibilities

Review of 'Learn to Use the Library" site

Lori DuBois and the Systems Office are currently the only ones with access to make changes on these pages. There was discussion that Development and Public Affairs Office should take over responsibility for some of these pages because they are not strictly user education information. Lori may arrange for Julie to have access to the sites so she can make some of the simple changes. The Committee reviewed the following pages from the Orientation link: History and Organization. Sue handed out some proposed changes for the Glossary page. We will continue reviewing additional pages at the next User Education Committee meeting.

Teaching Workshops

Sarah passed out the summary of the feedback forms from the Teaching Effectiveness Workshop in December. She also reported that Dean Papajohn will teach the same workshop in April. OIR staff is willing to observe course integrated workshops and give feedback. She asked committee members to check their schedules and let her know dates and times your workshop could be observed. She will make arrangements.

Active Learning Seminar Report: Due to lack of time, this report was deferred.

Action List