Library Committee Handbook

User Education Committee

December 11, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

December 11, 2000

Members Present

CORRECTIONS from minutes of 11-13-00 meeting



Workshop with OIR

Sarah is coordinating a workshop on Effective Teaching Strategies to be presented by the Office of Instructional Resources on December 12 from 10-12 pm in room 428 Armory. There are currently 18 people signed up. Several more from the committee will also be attending.

Mission Statement

Lynne Rudasill wrote two preliminary mission statements. Committee members discussed the statements and made several changes. Lynne will make these corrections and send a copy to committee members.

Also, a User Education Committee member should make a presentation to a Faculty Meeting about the User Education Committee. The presentation should include a statement of what we do, our vision, activities we have organized, and a presentation of the mission statement. A decision was made to be prepared to do this at the March 20001 Faculty Meeting.

Workshop Series

Lori DuBois would like input from the Committee about the types of statistical information they would like to see regarding the Research Workshops in the Undergraduate Library. She presented each member with a packet of summary statistical information about the workshops. Additional points of information were:

Workshop Suggestions

Statistics Survey

Julie Veazie put together a summary of the results of the survey of libraries which Sue Searing and Elizabeth Clarage created about the definitions libraries use in reporting statistics on instructional sessions and attendance. The results indicate we should have a clear definition of instructional sessions which would not include extended reference encounters with user education. Julie will update the report to include comments from the reporters and will mail a copy to all committee members.

Frances Harris reported on her survey of library annual reports for 1999-2000. She noted that there is a problem in the way people are told to do the statistics which leads to missing information and possible undercounting. Some libraries stretched the term instructor. This would be a good time to take this problem to the faculty. Budgets and mapping unit plans to the Library strategic plan could be affected by these reports. The user education information could be placed in the optional section of the report.

Volunteers Needed