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User Education Committee

October 9, 2000 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

October 9, 2000

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Minutes approved for September 11th meeting

Review of Action List

Budget Request

Question of how many site licenses for ScreenCam are needed for the library was discussed. To further general instruction library-wide, the suggestion was made to pursue a site license rather than buying many copies. Lynne Rudasill will talk to Sara Randall about the feasibility of this and look into site license for ScreenCam.

Discussion of provision of pencils, promotional materials, etc. and cost: Perhaps this should be done as a one time purchase of 5000 pencils(?) this year.

Discussion of funding for ordering User Education related handouts: Discussed if we should be providing all User Ed. handouts for all libraries. Consensus was that we should centrally support the promotion of workshops and new handouts. Budget line would be used to send out initial packets of these handouts to all libraries with the anticipation that they would order more as their needs dictated. Lori DuBois will get information to Sue Searing regarding figures for cost of printing handouts for workshops, new handouts, etc.

Discussion of prioritizing the requests: There was a suggestion to put ScreenCam as #1 priority because of importance to all libraries.

Fall Semester Professional Development

Sarah Reisinger reported on contact with Office of Instructional Resources. The committee decided on a ½ day session with staff from OIR during finals week. The session will be in Lecture/demonstration format with instruction on improving lecture skills (effective teaching) to increase student comprehension and involvement. If there is time we will include information about peer evaluation and perhaps set up small group meetings at a future date for microteaching sessions if there is interest.

The committee suggested that the session be either Tuesday or Wednesday morning (December 12 or 13th, 2000)

User Education Statistics

Committee consensus was that there is a need to redefine the Research Consultation/Reference Interview, so that there is a place in statistics for the long involved consultations. The Committee would like to ask individual libraries what their user education statistics mean. (i.e. - when do you count a session? what is your definition of a "session.") This will help us to make the best use of the statistics we have received in recent years. Elizabeth Clarage will draft an email to send out to individual libraries to this end. The next meeting of the User Education Committee will be November 15, 2000

Action List

Meeting Adjourned