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User Education Committee

January 8, 2001 Meeting

User Education Committee
University of Illinois Library

January 8, 2001

Members Present


Committee members will review Dec 2000 minutes and relay any corrections to Julie by 1/12/01.

There were no revisions for today's agenda.

Mission and Goals for user education at UIUC

There was a discussion of the Mission statement which was updated by Lynne. Changes were made based on the discussion. Lynne will make the corrections and send a copy to committee members. It was also suggested that this next-to-final version be sent to other instructors in the libraries for review. This version should be ready for presentation at the March Faculty meeting.

Teaching Effectiveness workshop

Sarah reported that there were three types of attendees at the workshop held on Dec 11, 2000: Graduate Assistants, faculty or staff with some previous teaching instruction knowledge or experience, and faculty or staff with no or little previous instruction knowledge. The last group was the group most represented at the workshop. Based on the evaluation forms, all participants would recommend the workshop to others. In addition, most participants would like more information on presentation skills. Suggestions for future workshops by participants included a workshop specifically to improve your personal weaknesses in presentation. Julie will help Sarah summarize the evaluations. Sarah will send a summary note regarding the workshop to the committee members to be reviewed. She will contact Dean Papajohn regarding future workshops. She will then send a message to the list of those who attended the workshop for feedback regarding ideas for additional workshops. The goal is to offer another workshop during the spring semester. Sarah will also contact Dean Papajohn regarding observations by OIR staff of library instructors.

"Learn to Use the Library" site

The committee looked at the Learn to Use the Library site at to decide how to divide the job of reviewing the different sections. Committee members will each review one page and all links on that page of the "Orientation" section. Other sections will be reviewed each month. The following is the list of assignments:

Reviewers will note needed updates and/or enhancements.

NEXT MEETING will be January 22, 2001.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35.

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