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2007 Annual Faculty Reports

2007 Report

User Education Committee

October 24, 2007

Lisa Hinchliffe

Thank you for this opportunity to report to the Library Faculty about the User Education Committee.

Members of the User Education Committee for all or part of 2006-2007 were Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Dawn Cassady, Lori Carroll, Christpher Hamb, Merinda Hensley, Lisa Hinchliffe (chair), Karen Hogenboom, James Kelly, Emily Love, Lori Mestre, Joe Straw, Ellen Swain, and Nikki Wright.

I wish to particularly acknowledge Lori Carroll who has completed her term of service and welcome Bernice Harrington who has joined for 2007-2009, as well as the many members who requested re-appointment.

The User Education Committee met ten times in 2006-2007 and was quite active. The following list highlights some of the activities:

The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its past successes. The Committee will be continuing its practice of utilizing working groups for specific projects and I am grateful to all who have agreed to contribute to one or more of these projects. To foreshadow some of the projects that I will report to you on a year from now, 2007-2008 activities will include: contributing to the campus student learning outcomes assessment process related to the 2009 re-accreditation visit; a more robust set of professional development offerings related to information literacy, teaching, and learning; and an information literacy portal for teaching librarians.