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User Education Committee

2006 Annual Faculty Reports

2006 Report

User Education Committee

September 20, 2006

Lisa Hinchliffe

Thank you for the opportunity to present this annual report to the Library Faculty from the User Education Committee.

Members of the User Education Committee for 2005-2006 were:

and myself as chair. In Spring 2006 we benefited from the able assistance of graduate assistant Chris Stevens.

I wish to particularly acknowledge Yoo-Seong Song who has rotated off the committee and welcome Dawn Cassidy who has joined for 2006-2007, as well as the many members who requested re-appointment.

The User Education Committee was quite active this year. The following list highlights some of the activities:

The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its past successes. We are particularly looking to start some new projects and re-vitalize those that have waned a bit in the recent past such as the GSLIS-Library Teaching Alliance. I would welcome your questions and suggestions.