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User Education Committee

2004 Annual Faculty Reports

2004 Report

User Education Committee

August 18, 2004

Lisa Hinchliffe

Thank you for this opportunity to report to the Library Faculty about the User Education Committee.

Members of the User Education Committee for 2003-2004 were Melody Allison, Phill Johnson, Allison Sutton, Joe Straw, Cindy Shirkey, Helen Sullivan, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen, and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (chair). I wish to particularly acknowledge Melody Allison, Cindy Shirkey, and Allison Sutton who completed terms of service this year. I am grateful for their contributions. The User Education Committee has been ably assisted during the year by Ely Anderson and Chad Fennel, Information Literacy Graduate Assistants. Yoo-Seong Song and Chris Hamb will be joining the Committee starting in August and Melody Allison has been re-appointed as well.

The User Education Committee meets monthly, usually on the second Monday of the month. Minutes are posted on the committee web site and linked from LON.

The User Education Committee has been quite active this year and has accomplished or made significant progress on the following:

The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its successes in 2003-2004.