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User Education Committee

User Education Committee Lunch Discussions August 24, 2000

August 24, 2000

Topic: What's New for Fall?

The following events and programs were reported by the attendees at the User Education Lunch.

Welcome desk on the first floor of the Main Library sponsored by Central Public Service (CPS)

This temporary service point is stocked with timetables, libraries' schedules, and other helpful information about the libraries for the students and is staffed by volunteers from the staff and faculty. Librarians and staff directed students to appropriate sources, such as the information desk in the main library or other libraries.

Reference working with LAS Learning Communities

Learning Communities is a program involving freshmen. They are divided into small groups which have 2 large classes in common. This program was developed through an initiative to create a small community setting within large communities. They meet as a group with a graduate student to discuss class or other issues. Sara Reisinger put together a handout with suggestions for projects for these groups which included tours of the libraries. She wants students to know that librarians are available to help gather information for difficult projects. Students will be able to sign up to learn 'what you can access on the web' during one of two sessions in September.

Tours of the Main Library and Undergraduate Library

One hour tours of the Main and Undergraduate Library are offered during the last two weeks of August from 11am-3pm on the hour. The tours are given by volunteer librarians and graduate students. Lori DuBois is organizing this. Next year they may be staggered every 15 minutes, if needed.

Undergraduate Library connects with the Dorms

Lori DuBois and a graduate assistant are trying to make connections between the dorms and the UGL in order to provide information as well as a contact person for each dorm. A monthly letter will go to each residence hall with helpful information.

Freshman Programs


Several new and/or updated handouts have been added to the "Learn to Use the Library" site. Additional handouts are being developed for the web interface to Illinet online.

Residence Hall Libraries

A new head of Residence Hall Libraries will be hired by Sept. Hopefully there will be a connection between these libraries and the UGL. David Griffiths, Lori DuBois and others will plan to meet with the new head as soon as he/she is hired.

Illinois Research Reference Center (IRRC)

Government Documents

A Documents librarian will be teaching workshops this fall on government information on the web and in the library.

Government Documents has 4 new Graduate Assistants and is interested in working with other libraries.

Library and Information Science Library

There is a tutorial developed by GSLIS students which is on the LIS Library site. The tutorial focuses on how to identify and evaluate research articles in LIS. LIS wants feedback.

Sue Searing has adapted a survey developed by Lynne Rudasill to determine students' ability to search for information. She and two other instructors will give it to their students in LIS390 to help determine if bibliographic instruction is needed for this population.