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Strategic Planning Task Force Meeting Minutes 10 May 2011

May 10, 2011 1:00 p.m.

Attending: Tom Habing, Harriett Green, Scott Mann, Sarah Shreeves, Scott Schwartz, Scott Walter, David Ward

The task force meeting opened with a discussion of the drafted outline of presentations for the Strategic Plan Open Forum.  Ward noted that due to scheduling issues, the forum would likely be held in June or early July instead of late May.

The Task Force discussed individual issues/programs proposed as components of each strategic planning area (see below), and these components will be communicated with the individuals asked to present each area to the Task Force at the Open Forum.  Walter suggested that for each area, the task force should identify a lead person to organize the presentation.  The task force will contact individuals to ask if they are willing to serve in this role, and then the lead will build the team of presenters.  Each lead will be provided with a presentation template as well as with key questions and/or focus areas that the task force is considering based on the feedback received so far.

The task force reviewed an initial list of potential strategic planning areas distilled from its previous discussions and feedback received. Following discussion, the task force reached consensus on the following as strategic planning areas for which presentations would be requested as part of the Open Forum:

Global Perspectives

Diversity and Community Engagement

Special Collections Curation

Print and Digital Collections

Search and Discovery

Emerging Technology and Innovation Development

Teaching and Learning


Health Information


Within each of these strategic planning areas, the task force also identifying underlying issues that might be considered relevant to all, including identification of related campus initiatives, models for assessment and suggested metrics for documenting progress, etc.

The task force discussed who might serve as "lead" for each of the proposed strategic planning areas, and Walter will contact each individual suggested to determine if he or she is willing to take the lead in assembling a presentation team for the Open Forum and presenting on the selected strategic planning area.

The Open Forum will be open to all faculty and staff to attend and an announcement/invitation will be sent to everyone via LIBNEWS.  It was debated whether there should be time for Q&A: It was suggested that the presentations be very strictly limited to 15 minutes and then there could be 5 minutes for questions after each one.  But it was pointed out that this will be a forum for the committee to receive information and hear proposals for the strategic plan, not a staff retreat for discussion, which will happen later in August/September. Also, given that there are 10 presentations covering 20 minutes each plus set-up time, adding Q+A would make the forum overly long.  It was decided that feedback forms will be provided to attendees, and they can complete and submit the forms to the committee.  The committee will conduct environmental scans later in the year that will allow people to give verbal feedback and discuss the presentations more fully.


The meeting was then adjourned at 2:00 p.m.