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Staff Development and Training Committee December 9, 2009

Staff  Development and Training

Tuesday, December 8, 2009





Retreat Planning


Date:  Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illini union

--ask Kim to investigate availability

buying lunch?





Customer Service


Campus Trends—Paula

Trends in Libraries—Scott will talk to PTK


round tables, randomly assigned, facilitators at each table


Name tags to tables, color per table.


Name or color


5 or 6 diversity group


find out what size tables


Need to make this  UPBEAT, drawings and door prizes


Consult with Laura on this??  or someone else?


Help us structure and get engagement


Jan Ison—effective meetings

Richard Schnuer—too busy




Staff training for implementation phase


design time—determine budget


job skills—new assignments

structure and organizational

how to work together

worplace training—workflow training (need extra help)




Worksheet? To leave with committee to help them think through issues

Existing workflow issues


Where jobs are changing?

What skill s will be needed in the new unit?

What skills are held by staff now?

What training is needed?

Can people in the unit conduct the training or is outside training needed?

How much time do you think you need to get people where they need to be?

Who else might be good training?



Workplace environment—creating positive environment

diversity issue

workflow concerns

across building


organizational and changing organizational structure

dealing with different culture



Availability for 1 time funds



GA Orientation


January 19   School starts


Tuesday, January 12 –orientation and training


Orientation—Thursday January 21 or Friday, January 22


Class schedules for spring?


Email Cindy and