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Staff Development and Training March 2, 2010

Staff Development and Training Committee

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


428 Library


Present:  Paula Carns, Sandy Wolf, Camilla Fulton, Susan Schnuer, Beth Woodard, Gail Hueting, Lisa Hinchliffe


Absent:  Susan Braxton, Cindy Kelly, Shuyong Jiang, Sharon McFarland, Helen Zhou


Subcommittees reports

The committee reviewed activities of the following subcommittees:  student training, supervisory, technology, wellness, and customer services


Retreat survey results discussion

There needs to be discussion of where the Library Administration would like to see the Library in scoring on LibQual.  There was some discussion that there is NOT a good understanding of what front line people do, and how we can help people do their job better. 

1.       We need to start with the outcomes for the next retreat

2.      There was a lack of understanding and clarity about the retreat and lack of communication with the speakers and with the library

3.      The assessment of the retreat needs to be designed with the goals in mind. 

a.       Perception of importance of customer service to library  1 2 3 4 5

b.      My perception after the retreat  1 2 3 4 5

4.       Attendance needs to be “strongly” encouraged by the Library Administration

5.      Exercises need to be creative and interactive

6.      Need more advance notice

7.      Disappointing results

8.      Confusion about whether or not graduate students could/should attend

9.      Getting people to talk and interact

10.  Snacks

11.  If outcome is to get people to know each other, what facilitates that?

a.       Discussion of small groups

b.      Food/snacks  (Food is a lubricant)